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Using "unverified" add-ons

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Mozilla at says that I "can still install [an] unverified add-on at [my] own risk"--but it doesn't say how. How may I use an add-on that in version 40.0.2 Mozilla has disabled for being "unverified"?

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Sounds like a glitch in the Add-ons page if the extension is actually enabled but shows as disabled. I have no idea what could cause that.

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It is set to False as a default.

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cor-el said

Does the extension show as enabled? If the extension is enabled, but doesn't work then the extension isn't compatible and its developer needs to update the extension. You can check the Browser Console (Firefox menu button or Tools > Web Developer) immediately after startup to see if there are error messages related to this extension.

It is enabled and does not work. I guess it is yesware's issue. However this is a serious no brainer , because users who used that or another Add on and the issuer has forgotten to update it, the users cannot use even if they purchased a plan. Disappointing.

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Are there any error message about this extension in the Browser Console if you check this?

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Switched to Chrome and Torch, problem solved. Disappointed from Mozilla & ToR.

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I've just updated to Firefox 43.0 today and was using KeyConfig but Firefox was literally stopping me from installing it. I found this thread and used the above suggested "xpinstall" search to find and toggle items to false.

I then restarted Firefox and it allowed the extension (and probably any) to install via my Firefox Sync preferences. I could also now go to the Keyconfig website and simply install it myself.

I get the push for security, but it's silly that I'd have to go to this length just to be able to install an add-on I want since it's been around and has never been a "verified extension" by Firefox...

I'm not a developer, but I want to be able to break my computer if I want to break it! At least give me the option to do it OR someone make a custom keyboard shortcut for ANY Firefox function like KeyConfig (not Customizable Shortcuts)... then I might want to "follow the rules", but until then, I'll go this route.

PS- if the developers at Mozilla change this to where it won't be able to be changed in the future, I'll be a Chrome user (or maybe another browser that's not Firefox) because that's what Firefox will become without the ability to choose what I want to install, what I want shortcuts to be, etc...

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Note that the xpinstall.signatures.required pref will be gone in the next release (44).

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Thanks for the info. I didn't know it but, as you can tell with my previous comment, I anticipated such. There MUST be a way to get KeyConfig or something like it made into a signed extension. I'm turning off automatic updating now and will use 43.0 until either 1) a newer version supports KeyConfig, 2) Someone makes a signed-extension like KeyConfig or 3) I find another browser that does what I prefer. Most likely #3 will happen before #1 or #2, but I'm still hopeful...

Don't know if this will help but I am giving feedback here for those who read this far in the thread and wish to do so:

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