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IPlayer Downloads does not download

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iPlayer Problem using MFF v34, ms 8.1, ASUS laptop X552C, using iPlayer Downloads App for laptop (Desktop?). Whenever I hit the download item on the iPlayer web page for the TV program then, on IE , msg says have to close. Ditto on MFF no msg but blank pages start to down load with dozens of tabs rapidly until I close the page and the original iPlayer pge. iPlayer logs error as SYSTEM

 Application memory in use       : 18583552
 VM Version                      : 2.1 sec cyclone
 Supports Dock Icon              : false
 Supports System Tray Icon       : true
 Supports Menu                   : false
 App start at login              : Error #2014

Adobe Acrobat NPAPI Plug-in vulnerable This will not update is t the Problem?

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I do not know much about this player, is it that it is using too much memory? If it mentions that it is vulnerable, if you disable it, does it continue to happen?

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Adobe Acrobat plug-in is for reading PDF files but I deactivated it but it had no effect on problem, but thanks it was worth a try. Thought! is it possible to download BBC TV programs without, and by-passing the iPlayer Downloads app?

iPlayer problem Log Error #2014 [18/10/2014 00:12:53.722] [INFO] Starting: BBC iPlayer Downloads 1.10.0 [fe0c5b6] [18/10/2014 00:12:53.738] [INFO] CAPABILITIES System OS  : Windows 8

 Manufacturer                    : Adobe Windows
 Flash Runtime Version           : WIN 11,8,800,168
 Flash Runtime Type              : Desktop
 Has Accessibility aids          : true
 Has Audio Encoder               : true
 Has Video Encoder               : true
 Max H.264 Level IDC supported   : 5.1
 Has MP3 Decoder                 : true
 Has Streaming audio             : true
 Has Streaming video             : true
 Has Printing                    : true
 Has NetConnection SSL sockets   : true
 Running a debugger              : false
 User has disk access            : false
 Default language                : en


 Application memory in use       : 18583552
 VM Version                      : 2.1 sec cyclone
 Supports Dock Icon              : false
 Supports System Tray Icon       : true
 Supports Menu                   : false
 App start at login              : Error #2014


 AIR Runtime Patch Level         : 1430
 AIR Runtime Version             :


 Number of screens               : 1


  Color Depth                    : 32
  Visible Bounds                 : l:0 r:1366 t:0 b:720
  Bounds                         : l:0 r:1366 t:0 b:768


 Application directory           : C:\Users\gordon\AppData\Local\BBC\BBC iPlayer Downloads (229.80 GB free)
 Application storage directory   : C:\Users\gordon\AppData\Roaming\BBCiPlayerDownloads\Local Store (229.80 GB free)
 User directory                  : C:\Users\gordon (229.80 GB free)
 Desktop directory               : C:\Users\gordon\Desktop (229.80 GB free)
 Documents directory             : C:\Users\gordon\Documents (229.80 GB free)
 Cache directory                 : Unknown
 Root directory                  : C:\ (229.80 GB free)
 Root directory                  : D:\ (316.60 GB free)


 Level                           : [INFO]  

[18/10/2014 00:12:54.191] [INFO] Programme Database Initialised SYSTEM

 Application memory in use       : 26218496


[18/10/2014 15:36:29.837] [WARN]  The Application did not shut down correctly!

[18/10/2014 15:36:29.993] [INFO] Programme Database Initialised [18/10/2014 15:36:29.993] [INFO] Starting the network monitor. [18/10/2014 15:36:30.009] [INFO] Opening the command line interface [18/10/2014 15:36:35.213] [INFO] A network connection to the BBC is available.

 Application memory in use       : 25587712
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Hi I am not sure if this is possible: implies that it is necessary to download items from the bbc player site,

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No I have the right permissions as living in the UK. I can create a new file in the storage location, so not that. Thanks though. It is not the end of the world as I can watch the programs live at the time if I remember or watch later from the iPlayer ,without downloading and with almost no buffering. Plus can download to my iPhone via iPlayer App without any problems. I would just like to know the reason why it does not work on my PC. Cheers

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ran a File Explorer search for iPlayer Downloads to locate about 8 locations which I visited, trying to open files if possible. Then tried to download iPlayer Downloads again. This time it worked and the log showed a hiccup at some speech area but got ovber it and started working

[02/01/2015 17:01:52.768] [ERROR] Received a command line request that couldn't be handled: C:\Users\gordon\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Speech

So somehow it started to work don not know why but happy now