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why won't Firefox let me DL Realplayer cloud?

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When I try to DL realplayer cloud I get a screen that says Firefox is unable to establish a connection, Also I no longer have the realplayer DL tab in the corner of the videos I am trying to watch/DL. What happened?

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Now this is very odd. I just tried to go to and could not get in. I even tried a bookmark. Still no good. Somehow, the site is locked ? ? ? ? ? ?

After some research, I finally go in using a proxy or whatever

See if this helps.

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I am at this moment ,downloading and installing Real Player cloud so that i may get a better understanding of your problem. although i suspect it an issue with real player cloud and not Mozilla.

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Well. . . how did that DL go? Did it work for you?

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please contact real player support about your problem or Microsoft as your firewall is blocking the program.

                        Mozilla is a non commercial product and does not promote      clogging up its veins with commercial products such as real player.if your firewall doesn't let it thru it is for a reason. if you  would like here is a safe Firefox add on that will not spam up your email ,

   this is supported by Firefox and we will happily help[ you if  have any issues with it,

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Will you answer me ? Were you able to DL it? If not, please explain. Stop with the "Firefox is God crap." If you don't know what the problem is just shut up and go away

Your link is about Dl'ing pictures . . . I'm trying to DL videos.

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please contact real player support about your problem or Microsoft as your firewall is blocking the program.

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Did you go to How did it go? What errors do you see?

I have Real Cloud.

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yes,i went to down loaded it to my computer and it wanted me to register when i did not it went online and showed me videos... did you go to

in my  opinion it is her firewall that is causing the problem not fire fox.the program opens on its own it does not need Firefox..... she is saying a pop up saying its her firewall. so it maybe her firewall?

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here is a picture of can clearly see it is not dependent on firefox it stands alone... i said i would download it not register.

      the first picture is no firewall the second one is with the firewall.

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Julierobin I would like for the user having the problem to respond. That would be ligeperry.

Also, badmouthing someone as you did is uncalled for, I detect frustration in ligeperry's messages. Not rudeness.

On the other hand, your posts would be considered as rude. If someone does not understand something, you explain it. Not call them names.

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Yup, just frustrated. I have a few video apps like VLC, DivX, Quicktime plug-in, Shockwave flash etc. I was wondering if one of those could be causing the problem?

I use Windows security essentials and the pop-up screen I get is not indicative of it being the cause.

The pop-up screen I get is the same one you get when you don't have internet access and try to go to any website.

(by the way, I'm a 66 year old male in Florida not a female as the other person assumed.)

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Okay, so, let's start fresh. You went to and tried to download Real Cloud. And something blocked you from doing so. I had used Firefox to download from Real, so that should not be the problem. Can you please try again? But this time, try to get a screen shot of the message?

Taking a Screen shot; Windows > Start > search box > Snipping Tool. Save the picture(s) to your desktop. Now look at the Reply box below. Press the button under it that says Browse. Now select the screen shot(s) from the desktop.

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I tried to search for snipping tool but my PC said there was no such file. Here's a paste of the screen I get when I try to access It has a yellow triangle with an exclamation point in it on the top left and a box on the bottom that says try again. (they wouldn't copy and paste for some reason.) All other sites load fine.

The connection has timed out

The server at is taking too long to respond.

   The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.
   If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network connection.
   If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.
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Chosen Solution

Now this is very odd. I just tried to go to and could not get in. I even tried a bookmark. Still no good. Somehow, the site is locked ? ? ? ? ? ?

After some research, I finally go in using a proxy or whatever

See if this helps.

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You are a genius my man! Now I don't feel nearly as stupid. Yes that allowed me access to the site.

What in the world is that about? I have never ran across anything like that in the past.

                   Thank you very much,
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No way of telling from here. I had left a message for the big guys. here's hoping someone comes up with something.

I will also contact

Good day.

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Hi everyone, Sorry if I cannot be a direct help straight away but I will comment with an attempt to get this issue moving towards a resolution.

Lets all try to stay calm here and focus on solving the technical issues. Try to assume anything apparently insulting may just be frustration or not intentional.

I will take the liberty of editing some of the earlier posts to try to keep focus on the problem needing a solution.

This is a slightly grey area regarding the support forums scope the problem could be something outside the control of and not directly related to Firefox.

  • What happens for instance if you try with an alternative browser ?
    such a Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Safari
  • Screenshots as in Julierobins post upthread are always useful

Perhaps you could each try that and report what happens.

Problems Not Directly related to Firefox Myself straying even further off topic lets for instance mention FlashPlayer. FlashPlayer is third party software and rather troublesome to some users (Assumption based on number of forum posts) but we go as far as documenting that in the our (Mozilla ->Sumo ->) Knowledge Base and with suggestions for solutions and workarounds for problems. This is because we recognise most people use FlashPlayer.

One reason for bringing up FlashPlayer is that some RealPlayer products / activities may (or in the past are thought to have) interact badly when FlashPlayer is also installed and used. (Again no judgment on the products, just my personal conclusions based on observed forum activity) must be a site that is use a lot by Firefox users for that reason if no other then this is a problem worth investigating on this forum or at the very least commenting and advising on, but I will leave that to those others more capable of doing so.

ligeperry I apologise. I am sorry you are not getting a very good experience here. You may need to bear with us for a few days whilst we all gather our thoughts, and try to decide what to suggest and how to best troubleshoot this problem.

Fred, Thanks for joining in here. I note you have already escalated to our Contribs forum for further assistance, and I will also tag the thread as escalate myself so we get Professional Help Desk staff involved with the realplayer problem.

Julierobin, Thanks for making attempts to help, and going to the trouble of trying to to reproduce the issue.

Report Abuse Button & Guidelines. If you consider something to be offtopic or to be bad behaviour please use the [Report Abuse] button rather than get involved yourself. If you have the time look at our guidelines for clarification before reaching for that.

Again meandering off topic We probably could choose a better label for that button but calling it an assistance button would probably be equally misunderstood. Personally I think and will suggest we need two separate but adjacent buttons there possibly more suitable labelling would be

  • Help
    • Escalate - Unresolved issues
    • Assitance - Spam and Forum issues

Some Spam is blatant abuse, but milder forms are just inapropriate links posted with good intent. The most frequent use of the button besides reporting spam is probably because posts are duplicated or outside the scope of the forum and not anything that is intentional abuse.

WorksForMe For those involved in troubleshooting this issue does it helps to know it works for me from Firefox. I wonder if part of the issue could be DNS related. I am in the UK (England) and add some notes:

This is beyond my knowledge to troubleshoot but I see cookies, scripts, and and tens of hops with edge servers involved.

Forum Note Moderators or Admins see private forum. Contributors escalation is in the appropriate forum.

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Thank you. Fred has solved my immediate problem but it would be nice if Firefox investigated the situation. I can't try it with another browser because Firefox is the only browser I have on my PC . . because none of the rest come close!

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We all love Firefox. I contacted Real and they know of the problem. The why is unknown at the moment.

BTW, I tried 3 different browsers, and none of them could get thru. Funny thing this, I was on the site about a week ago, and I had just updated the Real software a few days ago ? ! ?

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Thanks again to all.