Import Internet Explorer Favorites from another computer

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This article describes how to get Internet Explorer Favorites from another computer into your Firefox Bookmarks on Windows. The Internet Explorer browser is not currently available for your operating system.

To copy your Bookmarks/Favorites to another computer, you will have to export them from Internet Explorer, copy the file to the other computer, then import them into Firefox.

Exporting bookmarks from Internet Explorer

Note: These steps are for Internet Explorer 9. Steps for previous versions may be slightly different.
  1. Open Internet Explorer on the computer that has the Favorites you want to export.
  2. Press the Alt key on your keyboard. The menu bar (with File, Edit, View, etc.) will appear.
  3. Click on the File menu and select Import and Export.... The Import/Export Settings window will appear.
    Importing IE Favorites 1
  4. In the Import/Export Settings window, click to select Export to a file. Then click the Next button.
  5. Select Favorites. Then click the Next button.
  6. Select the Favorites folders you want to export. To export all your favorites, click the Favorites folder at the top of the list. Then click the Next button.
  7. Click the Browse... button, then navigate to a folder to save your bookmarks file. Then click the Export button.

Copying the bookmark file to another computer

Copy the file you created above to the other computer. You can do this by e-mail, over a network, with a USB drive, or whatever means you have.

Importing bookmarks into Firefox

Open Firefox on the computer that you want to put the Favorites on and then:

Tip: It would be a good idea to backup your bookmarks before importing. To do so go to Restore bookmarks from backup or move them to another computer
  1. Click the menu button Fx89menuButton to open the menu panel. Click the Library 57 library icon button on your toolbar. (If you don't see it, click the menu fx57menu button, then click Libraryclick the menu fx89menuButton button.) Click Bookmarks and then click the Show All BookmarksManage Bookmarks bar at the bottom.

  2. From the toolbar on the Library window, click I-B icon pre68import-export-arrowsImport and Backup and choose Import Bookmarks from HTML….
  3. Within the Import Bookmarks File window that opens, navigate to the bookmarks HTML file you are importing and select the file.
  4. Click the Open button. The Import Bookmarks File window will close.
  5. Close the Library window.

Your Internet Explorer Favorites will be added to your Firefox bookmarks within the Bookmarks Menu directory.

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