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very slow downloading webpages with Firefox 3.6.8; no problem with IE;

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Firefox is very slow loading web pages. Was OK with the old version. This happened after I downloaded latest upgraded version 3.6.8

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== after loading new version of Firefox, 3.6.8

Firefox is very slow loading web pages. Was OK with the old version. This happened after I downloaded latest upgraded version 3.6.8 == This happened == Every time Firefox opened == after loading new version of Firefox, 3.6.8

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seems to be any page with flash of some form from what i can tell. Static pages are still quick.

I use vista

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3.6.8 seems to check the entire content of a webpage before links, search boxes, dialogue boxes, etc. are enabled.

Google search results links are disabled until they each receive a little green triangular box with a tick inside it.

What's going on? It's so slow. In fact it's dangerously slow. I have accidentally clicked wrong links as a result when page content sometimes shifts position after the page has finished being scanned (if that's what's happening).

I'm moving to I.E. until Mozilla sorts this out.

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Installed 3.6.8 and see very slow performance with pages that worked fine before and work fine with Opera on the same machine (XP). Pages load fine on 3.6.3 on another machine.

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Installed 3.6.8 and my CPU Usage boosted to 100% while YouTube Video. Everything is noticeably slower than before I loaded the update. On top of all of this, I had no choice to avoid the update (it was automatic).

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Same issue. Been waiting for 5 minutes for FF 3.6.8 to connect to Google (after a 1-munute-plus startup lag).

Kinda takes me back to dial-up days...

Win 7 Pro, 64-bit Core 2 Duo, 2GHz 4 G ram

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Yep, I'm done with Firefox until they can fix the problem. Switched over to google chrome; very FAST.

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same problem here im downgrading to previous version never want to upgrade again

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Firefox 3.6.7 was slow, and the same is the case for the update, 3.6.8. I'm not certain what the programming changes were, but these two versions are big retrogrades in performance. When I first load Firefox in the morning, it takes forever to load, so much so, I wonder if my internet connection is down.

Regretfully, I'm switching to IE until Mozilla get this sorted out. I would use Opera, but it's not compatible with all websites, and Chrome ... well, I sort of like it, but I miss some of the features found in Firefox and IE.

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Not only do I have the snail version of firefox but I keep getting messages that Firefox can't find the server, or that it has times out. I have had to retry numerous times. I just had a problem with FF opening a one-page pdf. After what seemed like forever, I copied and pasted the url into IE and it opened almost immediately. After I read the pdf and downloaded it, I closed IE and saw that FF was still in the process of opening the page. I loved FF,but don't have time to wait until my next birthday to view/open a site. Incidentally, my birthdate is 07/11. This is seriously hampering my participation in two online graduate courses. I have been running Win 7 since March, but not had these problems until recent updates. I even had firefox set to notify me and ask before installing updates, but it was changed to automatically install updates when I just checked. I am the only user of this computer (live alone).

ALSO, when I checked update history, there is an update for (3.6.4) that shows as successful that took place on Wednesday December 31, 1969. I don't believe that Firefox existed in 1969 or Internet Explorer for that matter. I couldn't highlight and copy the info in my history, but did copy with pen and paper. This is what was showing for the 3.6.4 update:

FireFox 3.6.4 (20100611143157) Security Update Installed on Wednesday, December 31, 1969 6:00:00 PM Status The update was successfully installed

There is definitely something amiss unless the creators of FireFox have mastered time travel!

Since I do not have the time to open FireFox and check here to see if a solution to these problems has been determined (based on s-l-o-w performance of FF over the past week or so) would someone email me with a link that I can access through another browser, if necessary?

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I too am experiencing a hit to performance when using FF 3.6.8. I'm currently running on my laptop:

WinXP SP3 1.5GB RAM Core 2 Duo 2GHz

Some of the observances I've seen are:

  • Opening up a PDF document with 9.3.3 the system is slow to open the tab and slow to navigate through the PDF document once open.
  • Java SE 6 Update 20 installed. When trying to open a page with any javascript in the page, the Java process seems to spin out of control using far more resources than I would reasonably expect.
  • Any Flash based sites are slow to access even running the latest 10.1 Flash plugin.
  • FF's memory footprint appears to jump substantially whenever accessing sites that require the use of plug-ins. Having 3 tabs open, one of which was accessing a PDF document, caused my FF session to go over 200MB. Seems a bit excessive!

Overall speaking, it appears that the plug-in management component of Firefox is dragging the browser down and is making the whole browsing experience unacceptable. For now my workaround is disabling all plug-ins that are not commonly used or critical and then sparingly use the ones I do use often/are critical.

It's quite sad that Mozilla seems to have taken the M$ approach and use their user base as their alpha and beta testers despite being a "stable" security update.

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This is unbearable - I'm a web developer and refresh a page sometimes once a minute while changing code... each page load is now taking 20+ seconds... used to load in mere seconds. Mozilla! STOP CHECKING THE WHOLE PAGE first! The problem is the ads and other external BS can sometimes take a while to load - makes the entire page slow.

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identical problem, 6.3.8 crawls. NOt limited to flash, also forums (Vbulletin) load very very slow. (2-3 minutes to open page!! on adsl)

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Very annoying. I thought I had some sort of virus or trojan until I found that I'm not the only one with complaints. Please to fix this, Mozilla (mosey?).

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I found the solution! For me at least. My firebug add-on was stuck at 1.4.5... it never would say there was a new version... I started turning off add-ons and realized that firebug was causing ALL my problems. I downloaded and installed the latest 1.5.4 and it works great now.

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@Scott Gurley -- Thanks - updating firebug to 1.5.4 worked. Firefox 3.6.8 is running smooth now.

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Didn't work for me. Disabled all plugins/add-ons with no change.


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same. Firebug updated, no help. has trouble loading pages with any type of flash advertising. hangs up for half minute or longer in some cases. NEVER had any problem with previous versions. come on guys, let's get this fixed. I REALLY hate IE7.

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What is firebug? I don't see it in my list of add-ons or does it go by another name?

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Doesn't matter.

It's not about plugins or add-ons.

There's a core issue that the moz dev community needs to address... (can you say: BloatWare?)

I've been using FF (and Thunderbird, and Lightning) (exclusively) since before it went public; this is the first time I've had to bail and use something else.

Been using Chrome since this started a few days ago, and I kinda like it.

Better get yer s**t together, FF-devs, or yer gonna lose a bunch of fans.

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