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How do I stop firefox from updating, even when I marked it not to?

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I have to use version 51 so that I can use Java to open Oracle (I refuse to use IE). I have checked the box to never check for updates, Mozilla updated anyway. I deleted everything I could find on my computer Mozilla related, re-installed version 51, checked the box to not update and checked daily to make sure that there were no pending updates. I ran it for about a week just fine, but then it crashed and when it restarted, it was on version 53. I deleted everything Mozilla again, re-installed v51, told it not to install the sneaky background service, checked the never update box, went into the about:config and made sure the setting really said not to update, then went into the prefs.js file to triple check that it really really wouldn't be set to sneak in an update, and then went and double checked that the sneaky background service wasn't installed, then made sure it didn't have any pending updates anywhere. Ran it fine for a day, it crashed, and when I restarted it, surprise, surprise I'm on v54. It shouldn't be this hard to just stay on the version I want to use. What in God's name do I have to do to keep it from updating? Does Mozilla just ignore what the user actually tells it to do and does what it wants anyway or is my version of Mozilla just trying to start the Skynet revolution? I'm pretty close to just writing a vb script to just delete everything Mozilla off my computer and re-install v51 it everyday at midnight so I can just not have to deal with it anymore, but I figured I'd ask for help here first. If I can't get help here, I'll probably just go under my desk and cry while eating glue and rocking back and forth until they either fire me or have me committed.

Chosen solution

I do not have old versions of Firefox on this machine so I can not check or confirm what is happening, but normally the problem is that people check the version using the menu

menu => Help =>  About Firefox

If you do that then Firefox will report the current version AND check for and initiate an update.

If you set Firefox to not update then as long as you do not do that it should not update. If you wish to check the version without updating Firefox key about:support in to the address bar so that you obtain the troubleshooting information.

If Firefox is updating when it should not then please try to explain what happens and if others can reproduce the issue a bug should be filed.

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Since Firefox is "suiciding" with the upgrade to 57 in November 2017 that blocks most add-ons (and more), I keep a Firefox 51 (in parallel to 56) as a PORTABLE version with all add-ons i wish to keep functioning. So far, this version has not attempted to update/upgrade itself! This may be a solution for you.

You actually can have the portable version in parallel to the normal version, but not two normal versions together.

Furthermore I am now migrating to Pale Moon to have add-ons I would otherwise loose and will delete Firefox after it reaches 57. I suppose that I am far from alone with that...

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