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Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Hold Shift to select multiple events with your mouse
  • Ctrl + C to copy an event, or series of events
  • Ctrl + V to paste an event, or series of events
  • Spacebar to play and pause your project
  • Delete to delete an event
  • Tab to select the next timeline event
  • Shift + Tab to select the previous timeline event
  • <-left and right-> arrows to nudge an event
  • up and down arrows to move an event to the layer above or below (must be empty)

Editing Strategies

  • Pick a consistent layout. Come up with a rhythm and appearance, then use copy and paste to set up your layout across the timeline. You can then fill it with content.
  • The remix button as a unique feature of Popcorn Maker. Think about how others might remix your work and design it for them.
  • Audio can be your best ally. Video is often busy and distracting.
    • Consider muting the video and using audio + images. Animated gifs are also really awesome with sound.
  • Short pieces can leave a big impression if done right.
  • Think outside the box. There are many ways to tell a story. You can be creative with things like the Google Streetview setting, or the Flickr slideshow feature.

Other helpful tips

  • Use the zoom sliders to adjust your workspace.
  • Stay organized.
    • Try to keep certain types of events on specific layers. Images on one layer, text on another.
    • You can swap layers around by dragging the layer area with your mouse
    • You can name your image events in the editor pane so they are easier to keep track of.
  • You can shrink videos to leave room for events on the side. That way you're video isn't covered up.

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