New Test Pilot experiments

Feeling adventurous? Test Pilot lets you try Firefox’s experimental features before they’re released to the public. Help build the Firefox of tomorrow by test driving these features and telling us what you love or don’t love.

Stay up to date: We’re always adding new experiments. Check the Test Pilot button on your toolbar for new features to try. See Test Pilot for details.

Here are the latest experiments you can test drive on Test Pilot. See Test Pilot - try Firefox's experimental features on how to participate.

Page Shot - Page Shot lets you snap, share and search screenshots you’ve taken while browsing the Web. Snap and share quickly with a link without leaving the page. The keyword search feature lets you rediscover screenshots you’ve taken. Give it a try at Page Shot on Test Pilot.

Min Vid - Watch or listen to videos while you browse. Min Vid plays videos in a pop-out player that stays on top of other pages, so you can continue watching as you switch tabs. You can also minimize the player if you just want to listen to the video. Try it out at Min Vid on Test Pilot.

Tracking Protection - Tracking Protection is currently available in Private Browsing, but this experiment lets you use it in regular browsing by default. Block ad, analytics and social trackers that record your activity across multiple sites without your knowledge. Test drive it at Tracking Protection on Test Pilot.

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