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Upon installation, admin set check updates to NO, yet user auto updated

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I recently had to upgrade a number of machines from XP to 7. We are using ESR versions, and before creating any users, I installed Firefox and set check for updates to Never, due to important extensions getting broken so often that I want to be at least two or three "updates" behind. Never the less, tonight I was called in because one of the users was getting a UAC prompt to allow Firefox to modify the programs. Despite having configured it for NO UPDATES before any users were created, that setting didn't stick on any of the subsequent user accounts. I had to go in and change them all to Never Check. Since updates affect ALL USERS, once they are turned off, shouldn't they be off for ALL USERS? This is a very serious flaw. I appears that this option setting is stored in the user profile, not in the program installation. So any one user can "accidentally" update everyone on the machine, breaking all the users extensions if any are not ready for the new version. Please fix this in a future update!

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Note that Firefox 17.0esr has not been supported since the 17.0.11esr released back on November 15, 2013 as the current ESR is based on Firefox 24.0 release and is at 24.4.0esr security update in line with Firefox 28.0 release.

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When ALL of the add-ons that are currently installed work right, we will move to 24. Meanwhile, some of the add-ons we use (Like NoScript) help solve the security problems. Responding to my question with "UPDATE TO 24" is like GM saying "Here's a new key with no hole for a key ring, this will fix your ignition switch problem." And ever since Mozilla decided to go with the new version every two weeks instead of patches and updates to existing versions, we've been on ESR exclusively to prevent all the unnecessary and often confusing constant changes to the user interface. Quite frankly, if IE had all the add-ons available, we would probably just use it. Fortunately for Mozilla, MicroS**t hasn't made add-ons a major feature of IE.

As for my original problem, I'm sure that 24 doesn't handle Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Updates any differently than 17. The fact that any one user can affect the security settings of ALL users is a flaw, even if it isn't technically a BUG. Upgrading will not solve this problem until the problem is actually addressed in the code. Unless you have a work-around, please keep your "Your version is obsolete" sneer to yourself.