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Parting with CEO

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Your cowardly decision to cave to totalitarian pressures and then to claim you are open and encourage diversity of thoughts and ideas is the height of hypocrisy. Because someone has a differing point of view on a topic such as gay marriage or any other issue does not mean that individual is homphobic, racist, or any other "label" anyone wishes to apply.

What happened to the First Amendment, and what happens to a company or society which wants to destroy the reputation and boycott because they have viewpoint differing from your own.

As a result of your cowardly actions I have deleted Firefox from my computer. I will also encourage others to do the same. You have a good product but your culture is NOT one of openness and diversity but one of INTOLERANCE AND BIGOTRY towards those whose opinion you disagree.

If you display a more open behavior and publicly apologize to your former CEO I would consider returning to the Firefox fold.


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hello, unfortunately there are quite few misconceptions and wrong media reports flying around about what happened around brendan's resignation as ceo and from mozilla totally. please refer to and for more information on the subject.

since this venue is a primarily community run support forum, intended to provide technical support for Mozilla products, it's not the right place to have discussions around policy issues and i'm going to close this thread. if you still have concerns on the subject that you want to discuss, please take them to the mozilla governance mailing list located at instead.

thank you!