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How do I get rid of the '' home page? It just keeps coming back.

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I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 OS and my firefox web browser is compromised with this '' home page which I can't get rid of. I've been into the cache, deleted all my cookies, manually changed the home page and the backup home page in the preferences folder. Still keeps coming back. Where is this nasty bit of code lurking in my machine and how can I get rid of it? Thanks for any help

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Hello jps07, try the SearchReset add-on, the add-on resets your search preferences and home page to their default values, and then uninstalls itself.

thank you

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If you do not keep changes after a restart or otherwise have problems with preferences, see:

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Thanks ideato I tried this and lost all my bookmarks and stuff! But found them in a backup file. I've solved the problem by creating a new firefox profile and importing my settings and bookmarks from the old one (carefully, so as not to import the virus as well) Now the old profile has the virus and the new profile is just fine. I could just delete the old profile... but I'd love to find out exactly where this bug is lurking, so maybe I'll keep the old profile for a while and see if I can find half a day or night free for detective work.

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And thank you cor-el, see my reply to ideato. Creating a new profile solved the problem. One more thing: I'm using a LINUX OS (Ubuntu 12.04), since about 4 years, no anti-virus software and never had a virus infection before. So I'm silghtly puzzled. At first I thought that the virus had affected the OS but now I think not.

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Honestly? Might be better to backup your bookmarks and profile (to your desktop), download a fresh version of Firefox on an uninfected computer, and UNINSTALL Firefox completely on the infected one.

Then just use a USB flash drive to transfer between computers. If that is not possible, you can try risking a download within the infected browser, but I honestly wouldn't risk it.

At least be glad you are in Linux and not Windows :)