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I want to be able to copy my Browser passwords to another computer in Win 8?

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Wanting to transfer all my Firefox Browser passwords that is in XP to my Win 8 computer.

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you can use mozbackup software to backup and restore bookmarks, mail, contacts, history, extensions, passwords, cache etc. download it from here


you can use "Password Backuper" add-on to backup and restore your passwords. here

I suggest you mozbackup


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Hello who7157, you need 2 files to transfer to your new profile (in your win 8 from xp) : key3.db and signons.sqlite see : Your important data and their files

Transferring data to a new profile - Firefox

thank you

글쓴이 ideato 수정일시

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Thanks all, I will try this method and see if am successful or not. There sure is a lot of steps am not too sure if I can execute them all in the correct order, but will try.

Thank you....

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You can use this button to go to the Firefox profile folder:

  • Help > Troubleshooting Information > Profile Directory: Show Folder