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pdf file in a pop up window is faint and brokenup, unreadable

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When on a financial website, when I want to view a monthly statement, it opens as a pop up window and displays an adobe PDF file of the monthly statement. Pop up windows are not blocked for this website. The document displays but is so weak and broken up as to be un readable. Regular Firefox website viewing is normal. Only an issue in the pop up window. I have the latest version of Firefox installed. I tried viewing the same website and pop up window for the document using Internet explorer browser and it works normally. Appears to be a Firefox problem. Any help would be appreciated.

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You can setup Adobe Reader to open PDF files within Firefox instead a separate window.

If that doesn't solve the unreadable display, try Adobe support for help with that issue.

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I tried all the steps indicated in your first two links. No luck. Today when I try to open the pdf file it opens normally (fully able to read the copy at normal density for about 1 second), then the type immediately becomes faint and broken up and unreadable again. Maybe slightly better than yesterday. Thank you for your help. I haven't had any luck with the Adobe support yet either.