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Every time I open Firefox, it changes versions like 5.0, then 3.6, then 5.0, then 3.6, etc. why does this happen?

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Something has happened to Firefox on the most recent update. I updated to 5.0 as was suggested [seems like 3.6 was the best, not sure why you keep messing with it] and experienced a few bugs with the plugin's I used to use. which apparently cannot be used with V.5.0.

But now, every time I start Firefox, I get a screen saying I am now using XX version of Firefox - and it changes from version 5.0 to version 3.6 and back to version 5.0, etc. every time I use it.

How can the browser automatically reinstall a different version every time I close and then open it? Bizarre!

Please tell me how to "lock In" and use one version all of the time and not have to toggle between versions each and every time I open the browser. Thanks Doug