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font clarity

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I'm having trouble getting my font to display clearly with FireFox 4. Although it looks clearer on this website most others it comes off blurry and sometimes bunched up. Facebook is a perfect example.

It seems slightly improved forcing a default font onto all websites, although it's still a bit blurry, I'd like to view my webpages in their intended fonts.

I've been using IE for years, until now, and it's dispaly of text is perfectly clear. Firefox seems alot better as far as web browsing goes but if it cant display text clearly i'll be unable to use it :(

I do have ClearType on in windows, I have tried changing a few options around in both windows and firefox and the text still looks unclear.

I'm running upto date video drivers in 1080 resolution.

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I see this continues from your thread test looks wrong | Firefox Support Forum | Firefox Help. It might be easier to follow if you copy all your comments into one thread. (You can reply to yourself if you like, or edit what you posted earlier.)

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I didn't think that posted, a little confusion while logging in prehaps, so I made a new question.

My mistake, Thankyou.

It might be worth me mentioning the font on Facebook, for example, also looks bit blurry/squashed using IE9, however using what they call "Compatibility View" (something about older websites) it clears the text right up.

Does Firefox also have a version of this? Maybe I missed it.

글쓴이 MrEilq 수정일시

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I gave the Anti-Aliasing Tuner a good go, thankyou for the suggestion, I tried many different combinations of options and couldn't seem to get any improvement.

Setting "Renderer Mode" to "CDI Classic" made the font clear. But it came with one visable downside.. It seemed to put spaces in between letters where they shouldn't be, squishing letters together. Unfortunate because this mode fixed the clarity of text.

Im happy with Firefox, it seems far better than IE so far but the clarity of text is a big let down :(

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Try to update DirectX.

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It's all up-to-date and hasn't changed the clarity of text.. although Firefox seems to have unclear text compared to what im use to, it seems alot better than putting up with other browsers i've tried. Hopefully one day FireFox will introduce it's own Compatitbility feature to clear up text on old format webpages.

Text Clarity aside Im lovin FireFox, should of got onto it years ago :)

Keep up the good work & thankyou for trying to help :)

Much apprecaited, MrEilq

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Hi, I had the same problem and it made me switch to Chrome. However it didn't make me happy, so I continued to search for a solution. Here's one that actually worked!!! No more blurry fonts :))))