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i cannot play you tube videos in firefox 3.6, i get prompted to download adobe flash and do and it still does not work. you tube vids play fine in explorer. what to do?

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I used 2 play you tube vids fine in firefox. I then got an unwanted "Jixey" installed and went to safe mode and set defaults and got rid of Jixey. Now no matter what i do i can't play you tube videos. It keeps prompting me to download latest version of adobe flash player which i do. It tells me download cannot continue until i close firefox which i do. Adobe flash is downloaded but i still cannot play you tube videos. You tube vids play fine in explorer. Any suggestions???????????

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IE uses an ActiveX control to handle Flash objects.
Firefox uses a different NPAPI plugin.


You can visit the Adobe welcome and test page to verify if the installation is successful.

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