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After closing a tab, the contents remain, no new tab is selected (I have 'Right' in preferences).I then have to chose a tab to display. [FF 3.6.6 WinXPPro SP3]

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The problem is that when I close a tab the new tab is not displayed. The contents of the old tab remain until I select another tab. Previously (ie before toady) when I closed a tab the one to the right was displayed and shown as active.

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== 18 Jul 10 (never once happened before)

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Try a release version of TabMix Plus instead of that "pre" version, or ask about that issue in the TabMix Plus forums.

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Thanks, that was it.

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had the same problem. Seemed to happen out of the blue after I was away for a few weeks.

The latest release of tabmix plus (downloaded today, 19/7/2010) seems to have fixed it for me.