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Posted solution to problem with Preview in Browser in Dreamweaver is not working.

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I have read the threads on the problem with Dreamweaver "Preview in Browser" not working with Firefox 3.6. One thread said that Firefox 3.6.2 solved the problem. But I am using Firefox 3.6.3 -- and Preview in Browser is still not working.

Another person said he solved the problem, but didn't share how. Has anyone gotten this to work? I use it all the time when designing websites.

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== Firefox automatically upgraded to 3.6

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There is a fix for Dreamweaver, so it works in Firefox 3.6+ versions:

There is a $5.00 fee for that Dreamweaver fix. That website and the fix are not associated with Mozilla in any manner. Support for that fix is provided by that that website via email.

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The bug is fixed, but you have to wait for Firefox 3.6.6 to get it in a release (3.6.5 will be skipped). - Bug 549680 – Preview from Dreamweaver does not work in FF3.6

You can also look at the latest nightly test build of Namoroka (Namoroka/3.6.6pre)

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I had the same problem when upgrading to 3.6 and have gone back to 3.5. Does anyone know if this is fixed now we're onto 3.6.8?

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Hey guys - I had this problem for quite some time and stuck with 3.5.7 until this past weekend. I got sick of being stuck on an old, less secure version of FF, so I decided to upgrade to 3.6.8 and I would just open the html files by themselves and refresh as I work on them.

First thing I did, though, was to try previewing a file in FF through DW CS4 and, to my surprise, it worked! I didn't touch anything else; no preferences, file/folder names, nothing! I'm now in the office and it continues to work. Needless to say, I'm pretty happy about this, but I still kept the installer for 3.5.7 just in case the next release screws it all up again.

If it helps, I'm running DW CS4 (build 4117) on a unibody Macbook Pro 2.8 Ghz Core 2 Duo w/Snow Leopard 10.6.4

Good luck!