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Suddnly Font Changed in Firefox ( & Font Readability issue on facebook

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Recently i seen Facebook font is not readable and I'm having issue reading it.

i refreshed Firefox - not solved i uninstall Firefox and reinstall - not solved i created new profile in Firefox - not solved i created new user in windows 10 - not solved

Troubleshoot mode on - solved

if i disable option "Allow pages to choose their own fonts, instead of your selections above" - solved. But i don't want to use this solution as other websites are getting affected. Kindly someone can help me?

Attached Proof of webpage.

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Looks like an issue with one of the fonts, so you can check what font is requested and what font is used.

You can right-click and select "Inspect Element" to open the built-in Inspector with this element selected.

You can check in the Rules tab in the right panel in the Inspector what font-family is used for selected text. You can check in the Font tab in the right panel in the Inspector what font is actually used because Firefox might be using a different font than specified by the website.

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