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AMD Store - Direct purchase of elusive video card

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I have spent each Thursday of this year trying to get into the front of the line for AMD store for a shot at a GPU at MSRP. Yesterday, I finally succeeded to get in line and had a shot at a 6900 XT or 6700 XT. No matter what I tried I could not add any product to cart. 10 agonizing minutes of trying everything I could think of to add a gpu to cart and nothing would work. Finally, all products sold out since I was unable to claim my place in line. I have been using Firefox for many, many a year and only minor problems on occasion. This was a crushing blow. I have been a stay at home dad providing 24/7 care, without income, for 17 years for my special needs daughters with 2 extremely rare genetic disorders. My oldest passed Nov 3, 2018. My youngest passed may 14, 2021 after having to endure a total lock down with no visitors from family during the pandemic. I am trying to distract myself as best I can with pc gaming as my body allows as the stress and physical demands of my duties has left my spine and spinal cord damaged. In turn my auto immune system is compromised and I am still in lockdown myself. My current video card is artifactting on me and is out of warranty. I have been a part of the star citizen community for years and with time on my hands I have been accepted into the Evocati Testing Focus group to help get the game tested and patched out each quarter. I was really crushed that I wasn't able to get the 6900 XT in cart and purchased at MSRP. That is probably more than I should spend but I need as much gpu power as I can get to carry me through several years of high end capabilities. Could you please figure out why this happened and correct it?

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