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Gmail shortcuts not ignored in search bar

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I'm a gmail user and use its keyboard shortcuts extensively. The problem I've had in Firefox (but not Chrome) is that 2-3 times per day, when I'm typing in gmail's search bar, the shortcut handling code kicks in.

Here's a more detailed example:

  1. I hit `/` to go to the search bar
  2. I want to search for "peach", so I start typing that
  3. When I type the second letter, `e`, gmail recognizes that as the shortcut to archive the current message.

If I reload the gmail tab, it'll start working again.

I'm on MacOS. I've got five add-ons installed which have permissions on gmail (see attached image), but none strike me as the type which would affect javascript keyboard event handling. The most likely would be LastPass or uBlock origin.

Has anybody else encountered this? Found a solution?

Has anybody ele

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