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fillable pdf form

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Using FF 85.0.2

I created a fillable pdf using Adobe Acrobat. It worked at first then (I'm guessing after a FF upgrade but I don't know specifically when) all the fillable fields switched from portrait orientation to landscape.

We don't normally fill this manually. We use ColdFusion to fill the fields programatically and our browser of choice is FF.

I open the form in FF (including the Developer's Edition) ( and, clicking in a fillable field, it is in landscape mode (in the field) aligned center.

When I open the form in any other browser (Opera, Explorer, Chrome) and it opens properly.

This implies a bug (this is NOT a feature!) in FF. ????

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In addition, this isn't just me. We have multiple users using FF to access this form (and we keep our browsers up to date) and all are having the problem.