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no Autofill in iOS 14.2, Firefox 29.2 v

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I have iOS Firefox version 29.2 installed on an iPhone, iOS version 14.2. it is synced with a Windows 10 Firefox version. The passwords are showing up in both versions. In Windows 10, the autofill works, in iOS it doesn't. I tried fixing the settings per the instructions shown on this site (Enable auto-fill on your iPhone or iPad), but my screens are different than described. I have "Passwords" vs "Passwords & Accounts" and there is no place to select "Lockwise" or deselect "iCloud Keychain". I suspect the instructions are out of date.

Being able to share passwords is the primary reason for my use of Firefox. While I can still look up the password in iOS Firefox and then type it in manually, it is not the experience I am looking for

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