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Intermittent tab crashes when opening a new tab and auto-disabling of extensions as a result

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I'm not very tech-savvy and not a native English speaker, so please bear with me :)

Now to my problem:

Recently my tabs started crashing occaisionaly. The tab crashes seem to only appear when it's a new tab while tabs that were already open remain stable and don't crash. However if a new tab crashes, it disables my extensions automatically for all tabs, i.e. those tabs that were already open and perfectly functioning and any new tab that I open after the crash. When I say "disable", I don't mean that the toggle in the extension settings is moved to "disabled", it's more like the extensions just stop working despite being set to "enabled".

When reloading the tabs the extensions keep not working. Closing the browser and re-opening it solves the problem but only until I run into another crashing new tab.

I've checked about:crashes but there are no crash reports. When the "Gah! Your Tab Just Crashed" screen appears, there's no option to send a report, I can only close the tab or restore it. I also can't seem to find a pattern in the crashes other than them happening when opening a new tab. It doesn't look like the number of open tabs has an influence on the crashes. Not every new tab crashes.