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Learn More videoconferencing issue Sept. 2020

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Hello, I use doxy as a healthcare provider. My permissions are all on, and registers that it can access my webcam, but my clients can't see me. Early last week, when I opened up Firefox, a Firefox window popped up stating that there was a problem with Firefox and videoconferencing, and with instructions on how to fix it. I have looked everywhere and can't find that info. This was on Sept. 1 I believe. Any idea where I can find this info, or ideas how to fix?

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Hi andreabussinger81, another user mentioned problems with the video stream in Firefox when using this service but we did not find a solution.

I wish I knew the address of that help page you saw. Any possibility that it is listed in your history from around that time? You probably should use the Library window (Ctrl+Shift+h) and then click "This month" in the left column. If the date/time column isn't showing, right-click the column heading row (where it has Name, URL) and turn on the Most Recent Visit column. Then you can click the Most Recent Visit heading to sort by date/time.

Any luck?

Note: if you open a page from history, the Most Recent Visit will update. If you don't want to disturb the current date/time there, use right-click > Open in a New Private Window instead.