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Hang window open a file the certificate at the entrance to the portal

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Sorry for my bad english! Anti-tracking enabled for this page (shield)

When you try to log on to the portal with the help of electronic signature and press the "Select certificate" window appears: Security Warning Allow access to the following application from this web site? Web Site: Application: UNKNOWN Publisher: Republican State Technical Service This web site is requesting access and control of the Java application shown above. Allow access only if you trust the web site and know that the application is intended to run on this site. [Allow] [Do Not Allow]

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After this, a window for selecting the certificate file. Further, nothing in the box no mouse or keyboard is unsuccessful.

After 10-15 seconds, the background (you can see only part of the window) there is still a window to which the "get" I can not.

After 25-30 seconds, a file selection window closes itself and the message: Error: Error calling method on NPObject! After OK the message: There was a crash of the plugin Java. Please assist to address the situation.

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ID: e5f03630-8e3a-4a2e-a9f5-7ef4c2151209

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That is a problem with the Java plugin (npjp2.dll) like you already noticed.

There are known issues with some Java applets in Firefox 42.

  • bug 1224549 - hang in Java plugin (npjp2.dll) with Firefox 42

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We need to work as well as I understand, until the error is corrected.

Нужно работать, а как я понял, пока ошибка не устранена.