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Why is the screen unresponsive when browsing?

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Something I have noticed with Firefox for android is if you scroll a page slightly then stop (usual behaviour when reading), when I try to continue scrolling the browser doesn't respond to the contact and input. Requires 3-4 tries to get it to scroll. Instead it seems it lock a page at the point scrolling I'd stopped at and when you make inputs top continue scrolling it activates the 'refresh' functionality you get when dragging down when a page is at its top. Seems to be an issue of how Firefox applies a precedence of response to input, by setting the portion of a page that is visible as the total extents of a page until it is prompted by repeated input effort to try and scroll. Happens mostly on mobile optimised, hilarious irony, sites. Fix this shit. It makes browsing unbelievably annoying and does not occur with the default Samsung internet browser. I am done using Firefox while it continues as I would rather not be annoyed while trying to browse because shitty input optimisation problems.

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Hello. This doesn't sound like this a Firefox Problem. This sounds like your system is lagging as Firefox doesn't do so for me; even on super long articles. Please try Reinstalling or clearing your apps.