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I have an open firefox page with a number of links showing how do i hope a new clean page while keeping the other page?

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I opened Firefox. On the page I have a number of web links open that I am using -- about four or five. I want to start a new page (and not close the existing page) in order to open a number of related web sites to use in my work.

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I am not sure I entirely understand what you are looking for, are you looking to open a new tab/window?

To open a new tab, either press Ctrl+T in Windows and Linux (Command+T on macs), click the + button at the end of your tab bar, or go to File > New Tab

To open a new window, press Ctrl+N in Windows and Linux (Command+N on macs), or go to File > New Window

If you have a link you want to open in a new tab or window, right click on it and select the appropriate option in the pop up menu. This should open the link in a separate tab/window, allowing you to select and browse anything you already have open.

If you want to find out more about the features and shortcuts in Firefox, feel free to browse:

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Right click on a link, and select Open In New Window.