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Google Docs "Move To" option do not refresh the screen.

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Hello All! Hope you're having a good day!

I have this really weird problem, regarding Google Docs and the "Move To" screen. What happens, in details, is that: 1 - Open a document, or the list of files in Google Drive, and Click on "Move To", for this file to be moved to another folder. 2 - A new "window" opens, inside the Webpage, showing the list of folders, for me to click on one of them. 3 - When I click the folder, there is NO interaction on the Webpage. We cannot see the folder being selected. 4 - If I drag the "Move To" window, inside the Webpage, as soon as I do this, the Folder that was selected, shows CORRECTLY as selected.

Particularities: - I'm using Firefox 17 for testing, because this is the one approved by my customer. - I've tried newer versions like Firefox 24, and all versions behave the same. - This particular environment involves only Windows 2008 R2 Virtual Machines, Running on Citrix XenServer 6.0.2. Windows Server 2003 Virtual Machines on the same Hypervisor behave correctly. - Using another browser, like IE, makes it work without a problem. - If I install a new operating system form scratch, with the above particularities, it will allways behave the same (wrong...)

What have been done so far: - Created a new and clean Firefox profile for testing --> Not Worked - Installed on a brand new Virtual Machine --> Not Worked - Firefox Reset --> Not Worked - Enable/Disable hardware acceleration --> Not Worked - Cache, Temp Files.... --> Not Worked.

What do I have in mind: I think this should go on two ways: 1 - Firefox has some configuration, that doesn't look good with Google Docs and the mentioned environment. At this point I don't know where to start looking at it. 2 - The environment has an unknown bug related to Doogle Docs.

In these two options, I really need help on try to figure out WHAT is wrong. I don't really know if this should be considered a "Screen Refresh", or a "Web Page Refresh" or a "Webpage specific function". As far as I can predict, google docs uses JavasCript for building the GooGle Docs/Drive Website. There's any other feature or programming language I'm missing?

Please, let me know your thoughts about it!

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Hi ThiagoTietze, My old job would know what to do ;) However the older versions of Firefox are not officially supported. However version 24 does have an ESR version if this is the enterprise environment that you are looking to test on, if you have not already.

This is also a web compatibility issue for a specific site that is another great resource for filing issues for particular sites.

I did test this on windows 7, however I do not have a server version of windows, but win 7 is the watered down version of the OSes you have tested on.

That being said, version 31 and 32 do not do this. And the new version of ESR is version 31.

My thoughts are to update. Older work around for site issues have been checking out gfx features in the about:config.