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How to drag & drop URL as Hyperlink into an email

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hi, any idea how to drag & drop a Firefox URL into an email message body (that's being drafted) as a Hyperlink? This works going from Firefox to iChat (i'm on Lion) where it drops it in as a Hyperlink automatically, and also works going from Safari to the email message body as a Hyperlink automatically. but when i drag the link from Firefox to an email message it drops it in as a regular URL like this:

rather than as a Hyperlink where you would just see this: "Ask a Question | Mozilla Support" [no option to insert link in this message]

with Safari to an email message body, it pastes it as a Hyperlink which is how i prefer it. if i wanted to drop it in as a URL i could simply copy the URL and then paste it manually, rather than dragging & dropping. it's nice to have both options.


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I'm sorry. I'm not familiar with iChat, but I will give you some pointers that work in general.

  • Try putting the link, highlighting it then pressing COMMAND + K. This is the overall insert hyperlink command. It should come up with a window in which you set a 'title' which is the Ask A Question | Mozilla Support you're looking for.
  • If iChat supports HTML code, do the geeky way and type this, replacing the words between the *s. <a href="*YOUR URL HERE!*">*WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY HERE*<a/> Per your mozilla support example, it would look like this:

<a href="">Ask a Question | Mozilla Support<a/>

  • Also, consider upgrading to OSX Mavericks, for free. Click here to redirect to the Mac App Store to download it.
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thanks. iChat is the old 'Messages' app before Mountain Lion. as i stated though, the drag & drop hyperlinking works fine there but not for email messages (in Outlook).

i should have mentioned that i'm aware of the command+K option which does work as a more tedious option for the email message body - when you are trying to work with a lot of links, it's time consuming compared to a very quick and simple drag & drop -> auto hyperlink, the same way it works from FF to the 'Messages' app, or iChat.

and yeah i've done the html one before too though i don't have it memorized. i look it up from one saved in a file if i need to use it on a web site :)

i know Mavericks upgrade is free but i'm going to upgrade to M-Lion first b/c of 3rd party app compatibility issues.