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Toolbar buttons missing in Firefox 29

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Several toolbar buttons are missing in version 29.

  1. 1 - The back / forward buttons. I cannot place them where I want anymore. I want them all the way to the left with other buttons in between them and the URL field and NOT attached to the field which limits my options. I tried the classic theme add-on, but it does not fix it.
  1. 2 - The URL field and back/forward buttons can no longer be moved in the customization window which means I have to move all the other button instead from one side of the field to the other one at a time. This must be a bug.
  1. 3 - Other missing toolbar options include the space, flexible space, and separator icons. Everything is clumped together. I cannot organize.

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I am sorry but I do not know how to help. :(

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Firefox 29, comes with more customization and makes user friendly, know more about it

If you don't like the theme of Firefox 29, Restore to old theme

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"Firefox 29, comes with more customization and makes user friendly, know more about it 

If you don't like the theme of Firefox 29, Restore to old theme "

I read that. I just gave examples of *less* customization and *less* user friendliness. If you are able to do any of the things I said cannot be done, please post it. And I said the classic theme restorer does not fix the back/forward button problem.

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Is there any way you could get a snap shot of your browser screen? It would be easier for me to help if I can actually see the problem. Thanks.

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Here. This is my toolbar in version 28. I can put the back and forward arrows and location field anywhere I want. After version 28 they are stuck together. They have made it *less* customizable. I want to put buttons between them like this.

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As posted above, you can use the Classic Theme Restorer extension to restore this lost functionality.

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He already said, the theme restorer didn't help him. We do appreciate anyones efforts answering our questions and issues with this *cough "most customizable elegant new design" *cough. So if it can be done, it would be helpful (for all of us) to post those steps instead of standardized support phrases we've grown so accustomed to by big corporations.

Without wanting to hijack OP's thread, I'd like to know of a way to get the Pause button in the download "manager" back. (no, not the right Click option!)

Additionally, quite frankly I find it very irritating to the point of enfuriating that all these missing / moved or changed buttons, functionalities and fugly design mindfarts NEED add-ons to fix ! There are so many threads out there and I always read the same "tip" of installing the addon...

WHY are there NO BUILT IN CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS allowing for that - in a browser that repeatedly boasts to be customizable ?! (and the "open menu">"+Customize" options are a joke, not to mention a mindless copy of windows 8 atrocities)

Why do devs force so many hard to change (if at all) design decisions onto us?

You know, there is a perfect german word for something like that: "verschlimmbesserung"

Something along the lines of: making something worse by trying to make it better

That to me is what Australis is...

p.s.: I do sound pissed off, because after updating firefox, wasting a good part of a day trying to find my way through this design fiasco and wading through endless complain and support threads in forums in an attempt to restore former functionality, familiar ease of use and visual appeal, I am pissed off ! (pissed off generally at yet another developer shoving UI garbage and crippled functionality onto us, not any particular person responding in support forums)

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i have installed "classic theme restorer" - as advised by firefox support here.

now there is a new issue: installing this extension brought back the firefox button in the top-left corner. but at the same time, this extension removes/hides the new menu button on the right side of the toolbar.

using the customization screen i am able to put the button back on the toolbar, but pressing this button has no effect.

and here is the punchline: since firefox support team is listing this extension as the one and only possible solution to several hundred thousand user complaints, this is now a FULLY SUPPORTED BY MOZILLA FEATURE/PRODUCT.

you cant win both cases: 1) either you stop recommending this extension and replace all such instances with a simpler "unsupported feature" for all forum questions. at least this way your users will know to look for a new browser. 2) actually fix the feature in your product to work as the users desire.

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I am still waiting for this problem to be fixed. I still cannot place buttons between back/forward buttons and the URL field as I used to be able to.

I keep seeing messages that my version is no longer supported, but this problem needs to be fixed before I update.