Search the web, bookmarks and browsing history

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Firefox OS helps you find your favorite websites quickly with little or no typing. Access your most often visited sites and search the web, your bookmarks and browsing history all from one place.

Access your top sites

Just open Firefox and you have access to the sites you visit most frequently. This list of sites will change as your habits change.

FxOS Top Sites

Search the web, your bookmarks and browsing history all from one place

Tap the address bar or open a new tab and select the Bookmarks or History tab to browse.

FxOS Browse Bookmarks

Start typing in the address bar and Firefox will show you a list of sites you've bookmarked or visited before along with web searches you can do. Just tap the thing you want and you're set.

FxOS awesome screen

Bookmark or add a site to your home screen

Find something you want to keep?

  • Just tap the star at the bottom of the screen and then choose Bookmark or Add to home screen.
    FxOS star

To delete a bookmark, open that page and tap the star again. Then choose Unbookmark.

Switch tabs

Access your tabs by tapping on the number in the top-right corner of the screen. From there you can tap the + to open a new tab or select an existing tab.

Tab switch

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