Mozilla Rally - Managing Account Data

Unlock more from the Firefox suite: Sync, Monitor, Relay and more.

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Mozilla Rally is currently available only in the U.S. to users who are age 19 and older.

Mozilla Rally is a program led by Mozilla to better understand the Web, how people interact with it, and how people use their browsers. It is currently available in the Firefox browser through an add-on you can download from the official website. See the About Mozilla Rally article to learn how to install the add-on.

What data does Mozilla Rally collect?

Your Demographic Data

This includes information about gender, race/ethnicity, education level, household income, and zip code. This is optional, and you can choose the type of data you want to share with every study.

Your Device’s Technical Data

This includes information related to your operating system and IP address. This information is only stored temporarily.

Your Interaction Data

Mozilla Rally collects information about your interactions with Firefox, like the number and type of Firefox Add-ons you have installed, your interactions with the Rally add-on itself, or the duration of your active browsing session.

Your Location Data

This includes your country, city, and state location, which is determined by your IP address.

To opt out of a study

  1. Click on the Mozilla Rally icon Rally icon to be taken to your current study.
  2. Click on the Leave Study button.
    Leave Study

To withdraw from Mozilla Rally

  1. Click on the Mozilla Rally icon Rally icon to be taken to your current studies.
  2. Click the Leave Mozilla Rally button near the bottom-left corner of the page.
    Leave Rally

How long do you keep my account data?

Mozilla Rally stores your data for as long as you participate in an individual, active study or the Rally program.

Note: If you choose to unenroll from an active study or the program, Rally stops collecting data from you and deletes that data. If an individual study has closed (is no longer collecting data) that data cannot be deleted in order to maintain the integrity of the study itself. To learn more, visit Privacy Policy notice.

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