Hubs - Managing account data

Hubs enables you to create web-based rooms for interacting with others within a mixed reality environment. Its Privacy Notice is available here.

What data do you receive from my account?

No account is needed to create or enter a Hubs room.

You will be required to provide a valid email address to create an account to pin items in a Hubs room. Pinning allows you to associate items with a specific Hubs room so that the items are viewable each time you enter the room. After providing your email address, we will send you an email with your Hubs sign-in link. You will need to click on this link each time your want to enter a Hubs room and be able to pin items within that room.

How long do you keep my email address?

Your email address is associated with an account ID which is not identifiable to you. When you click on your Hubs sign-in link, your hashed email address will be used to look up your account ID. “Hashing” means that we can “match” your email address to your account ID, but we cannot actually see or read your email address. We don’t store your raw or hashed email address. We only associate your pinned items with your account ID.

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