Enable Bluetooth on Firefox OS to send and receive files

(Enable Bluetooth로 부터 이동)
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Bluetooth is a wireless technology you can use to exchange data over a short distance - no cables needed! This article explains how to enable it on your Firefox OS device so you can easily share files with others.

Enable Bluetooth

  1. Open the Settings app on your device.
  2. Select Bluetooth under the Network & Connectivity section.
  3. Toggle the Bluetooth switch to on.
    Bluetooth on
Tip: To enable Bluetooth from any screen, pull down the notification screen and tap the Bluetooth icon in the settings tray.

Rename your device

You can set the name that is displayed to other devices.

  1. From the Bluetooth settings screen, tap the Rename my device button.
  2. Enter a new name and then tap OK.
    • The new name will be shown under Visible to all.

Pair Bluetooth devices

  1. Make the device you want to pair with your Firefox OS device, visible (or discoverable) to other devices.
  2. On your Firefox OS device's Bluetooth settings screen, tap the name of the other device under the Devices in the area section.
    Tap to connect
    • If you don't see the other device listed, you can search for it by tapping the Search for devices button.
  3. Confirm that both devices display the same PIN number and then tap the Pair button on both devices.
Note: In Firefox OS 1.1, if you are initiating the pairing on another device, make sure that you have toggled on the Visible to all setting on your Firefox OS device.

Send and receive files over Bluetooth

Note: This feature is available in Firefox OS version 1.1 and higher. Not sure what version of Firefox OS you have? Here's how to find out.

Send files to another device

  1. Make sure your Firefox OS device is paired with another device.
  2. Find the image or video you want send to another device.
  3. Tap the share button at the bottom of the screen and then select Bluetooth Transfer.
    Share button
  4. Select the paired device you want to send the file to and hit OK.
  5. Accept the file transfer on the other device.
  6. You will get a File sent notification when the transfer is done.
    File sent
Want to transfer multiple files? You don't have to wait until the first one is finished. Repeat the steps above to add files to your transfer list. Firefox OS will transfer them in that order.

Receive files

  1. Make sure your Firefox OS device is Visible to all in the Bluetooth settings.
    Visible to all
  2. Share a file over Bluetooth from another device.
  3. Tap the Receive file? notification that appears at the top of your Firefox OS device.
    Receive file
  4. Then tap the red Transfer button to start the file transfer.
    • You will get a File received notification when the transfer is done.
    File received

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