Common Voice Accounts - Managing Account Data

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Common Voice is a global database of donated voices that enables anyone to train voice-enabled apps in potentially every language. Its Privacy Notice is available here.

What data do you receive from my account?

You do not need to create a Common Voice account to contribute or validate voice recordings or to download the Common Voice dataset or other publicly available voice datasets on the Common Voice website.

If you choose to create a Common Voice account, we will receive the following data from your account. Unless otherwise indicated, all data below will be kept anonymous unless you choose to make it public.

Required Account Data:

  • Username (You can choose to make this public)
  • Email address
  • Password

Optional Account Data:

  • Picture
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Language
  • Accent

We display a leaderboard which shows the number of recordings users make. You can choose to appear on the public leaderboards or remain anonymous.

How do I access my account data?

You can access your account at

How do I update my account data?

You can update your account at

How do I delete my account data?

You can delete all your required and optional account data at

You can submit a request to delete your voice recordings from the Common Voice database by clicking the “Contact” button on and completing the webform. If you want to delete both your account data and voice recordings, please contact us before you delete your profile. If you delete your profile first, we will have no way to link your voice recordings back to you in order to delete the files. Due to data integrity issues, it may not be possible to honor all deletion requests.

If you delete your account data but do not request a deletion of your voice recordings, your voice recordings will be anonymized and remain in the Common Voice database.

How long do you keep my account data?

We keep it for as long as your account is open, unless you choose to delete it.

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