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Whenever Firefox opens, a background process called "" runs and shares data over the Internet. How to stop this?

In Win10, Resource Monitor, Network: Image PID Address firefox (variable) Thi… (read more)

In Win10, Resource Monitor, Network:

      Image        PID                 Address
     firefox       (variable)

This process sends and receives information over the Internet. It runs whenever I open Firefox and, if I close the process with Task Manager, then Firefox closes too. I checked the web site - it is a mystical, spiritual type of website which I am very unlikely to have purposely ever visited. It offers a 15-day free trial of something. Apparently I had trouble with this before because, some time ago, I had already blocked the website in the Windows' Host file. I don't find any related software actually installed on my computer, so I can't simply remove or uninstall it.

I am very uncomfortable allowing a strange site like this to be transferring data from my computer every time I use Firefox. Does anyone know how to stop this process from running?

Note: I am writing from my desktop computer. The problem is on my laptop. So can't easily send 'images' or 'share data' as requested below here. The HP laptop is Win10 with all updates; Firefox Quantum 64.0.2 (64-bit).

Asked by ShanChi 2 years ago

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