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Web of Trust no longer working with google and bing image searches

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Hello All,

I have searched and searched but have not found an answer that matches my specifics. Any help would be appreciated.

I used to be able to do this but now I can no longer search and browse images on google or bing image search and have Web of Trust function. Here is how I am going about it. What I use: DuckDuckGo's annoymous google or bing image search link when I enter querries. Also, searching directly from Google's or Bing's image search page doesn't work with WOT anymore either. Firefox 23.0.1 The following add-on's: Add-block plus 2.3.2 BetterPrivacy 1.68 Flagfox 4.2.12 Ghostery 5.0.4 Google/Yandex search link fix 1.4.1 No Script Web of Trust 20130515

If anyone has a fix for this please let me know.

Chosen solution

Did you try to contact WOT for support?

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Reload the webpage while bypassing the cache using one of the following steps:

  • Hold down the Shift key and click the Reload button with a left click.


  • Press Ctrl + F5 or Ctrl + Shift + R (Windows and Linux)
  • Press Command + Shift + R (Mac)

Let us know if this solves the issues you are having.

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Thanks for trying Waka but neither of these worked. I guess I might need to reset firefox if I want image search to work.

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You mean google images doesnt work well or the WOT addon?

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Hi MixterE,

thanks for you report. I think WOT has never supported Bing image search specially. So there should not be WOT icons.

Regarding to google image search - this one we definitely support and shall add WOT icons to image search soon.

By the way, have you seen new WOT version which was published recently?

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I did my best to include everything in my posting but perhaps I was not clear. WOT works, just not with the encryped google image search (using DuckDuckgo) along with the add-on supplimented Firefox I am using. Anyways, based on the reply below yours it looks like the WOT team is working on this issue.

Thanks for your help. If something comes up that you or anyone else thinks I missed, please let me know. Otherwise I am willing to let this issue go for now.

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WOT staff,

Thanks for the heads-up. I figured something may be going on on my end as I used to be able to do google image searches through Duckduck and have WOT work.

No, I have not checked the new WOT version. I guess I assumed that my version would update. I will look into it.

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the encrypted google images search should already work.

Here you can find more info about new WOT:


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I have been using Bing for searches. Do not use Google. Must I try to find another search engine to make WOT functional? I have always depended on WOT, and now I feel lost. Any help would be most appreciated.

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Hi Boudica, is this a new problem that just started recently? There might be something new going on. I found this on WOT forums (unsolved):

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Since you have a new question of your own, would you please post a new question. It is confusing getting messages saying that someone has replied to my question, only to log in and find that this is not the case.

I hope that you can understand.

If any other contributors have suggestions for getting WOT to work with duckduckgo's google image search I would love to hear them.

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Chosen Solution

Did you try to contact WOT for support?

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Ok, is this not how it works sometimes?! Just yesterday I was still having this image search problem. So I just contacted WOT and sent a nice summary of the whole issue. After I clicked send, I tried an image search again and... it worked. WOT must have put some work in.

Thanks Everyone for giving it your all. It looks like the problem is solved.

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I have attempted to reply to the "Chosen Solution", to thank cor-el. Also if I have a question in the future I will post it as a new question unless it is identical to one already posted. I understand the reason for posting only comments which are relevant to the question asked. Apologies for any confusion caused.

Bing suddenly began showing the WOT information again so no action on my part was necessary.

Modified by Boudica

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I guess what I learned is that sometimes the best solution is to do nothing and wait for the problem to solve itself! Funny, this has never worked for me before.

WOT is now working for me but often for only the first few rows of images. That's cool that it is also working with bing images.

Boudica, thanks for understanding. I am new contributor/ question-asker here on mozilla and may not understand how things are done. I was just frustrated, getting an email saying that my question was answered, logging in to find that it wasn't.

Now we have the functionality that we wanted, right?

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Thank you, MixterE ! Yes, I understand the frustration about the email saying your question was answered. I felt badly about that.

I agree that everything turned out well for both of us! I am very happy about that, and enjoyed reading your message. Thank you once again.