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The latest version of firefox keeps crashing. It still crashes in safe mode, and I have recently cleaned out al malware,etc. What can I do to fix this?

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Firefox crashes multiple times in one session. This started happening right after I updated Firefox to the latest version. It still crashes, even in safe mode. I have also cleaned out all malware, etc, and it keeps crashing. What can I do about this?


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I have removed the default tab, "my searches", and I have chosen a home page. Thank you for your response.

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Try to uninstall or disable the Default Tab extension as it is considered malware.

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This appears to be a problem with AMD Radeon that intermittently affects Firefox versions. You could rollback to Firefox 22 if that worked but that is now insecure and unsupported.

There is a good possibility of a new Firefox releases shortly that could fix the problem. A totally unofficial temporary workaround would be to try installing the unofficial Firefox Portable ESR as an additional browser.

That is not intended for individuals to use, but is at least secure and apparently not suffering from this bug.

Another alternative and supported workaround would be to try the Beta channel as that also may not be affected by this bug.

N.B. there is no need to actually un install the Release Fx23 before installing that, it will install over the top of Fx23 but do NOT use any option to remove personal information because that destroys bookmarks and passwords.

For forum cross referencing purposes

Additionally It may be worth checking for malware again with up-to-date tools just in case something is still on the machine.

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AMD Radeon PC person over here. None of those solutions work. And you may not be seeing as many crash reports with 24 as you should if other users, like me, never see the Crash Report come up.

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Hi Magdaleina,

AMD Radeon PC person over here. None of those solutions work. And you may not be seeing as many crash reports with 24 as you should if other users, like me, never see the Crash Report come up. 

Perhaps you would like to expand on your comments. If you are unable to reproduce this crash how do you know what sollution does or does not work.

If you are able to reproduce this crash perhaps you would give steps to reproduce.

If you are from AMD support perhaps you may wish to

  1. include your contact details @ amd in your profile
  2. comment in the open bug
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Chosen Solution

I have removed the default tab, "my searches", and I have chosen a home page. Thank you for your response.

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Are you still getting crashes ?

Presumably the multiple crashes you experience tend to be on video or graphics heavy sites.

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See this other thread by Magdaleina:

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Thank you for your help. Firefox hasn't crashed since I did what you said. I think the problem is solved.

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Hi cath68,

Sorry for being repetitive, but are you saying all you did was

removed the default tab, "my searches", and I have chosen a home page. 

I am asking this again because the Firefox developers have been having a hard time trying to reproduce this bug with your crash signature.

Until they can get this fault to appear in a reproducible manner it is almost impossible to fix the problem. The developers are blaming it on a Radeon issue but have apparently not yet managed to identify what other factors are involved. This is a crash that in the last week alone has affected a couple of thousand users. (And as that is about 5000 crashes maybe many users stop using Firefox after a couple of crashes stats)

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Note that there is a Firefox 23.0.1 release planned that addresses a crash with AMD graphics display cards.

  • Bug 902349 - crash in nsStyleSet::FileRules with AMD Radeon HD 6310
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I've used Firefox for 5 years, and the crashing now is the worst it's ever been. I hope they get a fix soon, I've just reverted to Chrome... ARGH

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Me too...

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It is not a good idea to post asking your own support question in someone else's question; especially if crash related. Similar symptoms often have different causes. Your problem's cause (& solution) may be entirely unrelated.

If you have crashes it is a good idea to

  1. Read the advice in this thread and follow any related links to other articles.
  2. If problems continue start your own thread using /questions/new
    • If possible post from Firefox and follow the prompts to include full troubleshooting information.
    • include a couple of recent submitted Crash IDs in your own question
    • If you wish others in this thread to follow your question just mention when you posted it and others will be able to find it.
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Don't worry... this was my first ever post to this forum, and the first ever on crashes because the automatic reply is no longer there ... it will be the last. Thanks for your most patient understanding.

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Hi Distancetherapy,

It is important to note that nearly all crashes are due to problems on individual machines, or with third party software and not something Firefox generally needs to fix. Generally it is something the owner of the crashing machine needs to fix.

I am not sure I understand what you intend to convey by

 because the automatic reply is no longer there 

We know absolutely nothing about your crashes or your system. Posting in someone else's thread is not the way to solve your own problem. Starting a new thread is what you need to do if you want help with your own crashes.

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I've been having the same problem on my Intel quad processor machine, I've lost count of how many times it happens but it must be over a hundred yet the health report shows zero crashes. Can't put up with this and may be forced to use a different browser after many years of Firefox, worked perfectly with no problems prior to the latest update :-(

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Yup... the commentator who responded my post said he thought the problem was with a plug-in, but only started with the most recent update. Argh. I'm still using Firefox mostly, but it's chitty chitty bang bang.. I wish the developers would pay it some mind, or at least let us know they are working on it.... In the meantime it would be nice to roll back to the last version.  :-( :-(((

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Finally I suspected that the latest version of Firefox was conflicting with the latest version of Trusteer Rapport, which my bank provided for download a few years ago to protect my online banking. I removed Trusteer Rapport from my computer (a somewhat involved process) and Firefox is now working better than ever.

While attempting to remove Rapport, I received a prompt to the effect that a new version of Rapport was available for the latest Firefox and Chrome, but decided to just get rid of it altogether. This is from Wikipededia: "Some users have reported problems with Rapport, including high CPU utilisation and difficulty in removing the software.[23] In a presentation given at 44con in September 2011, bypassing Trusteer Rapport's keylogger protection was shown to be relatively trivial.[24]"

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Trusteer Rapport often causes problems with Firefox, at least if it is not their latest update.

If you need help with a crash post your own question please. Crashes are rarely going to be fixed by Mozilla Firefox. Crashes nearly always need action by you the user of the machine that has the Crash. -

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Damn I forgot Rapport. Just remembered I've had problems with Rapport in the past and uninstalled, I also remember it does not clean uninstall and continues to interfere with Firefox. Thank you all for your input.

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