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My Home pages are being hijacked by / on opening

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When ever I open I get one tab directed at / I have tried to restore my home pages through options but when I start up again I go to /

Thank you

Chosen solution

@neagu, we understand that this is a specific case which requires couple more actions , we would suggest you to follow the instructions below : 1.go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > look for windows searchqu toolbar > Uninstall 2.reboot the browser. 3.the issue should be resolved now and you can change the homepage manually by using the following link:

please let us know if the issue persist so we can assist :)

the searchqu support team.

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See How to fix preferences that won't save for possible solutions to not being able to change preferences.

I also recommend running some malware scanners. You mentioned malware that is in the virus vault, but it is best to run several scanners as each will pick up things that the others miss. Some scanners you can try are:

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The following worked for me go to tools/options/ on the bottom of the General tab click Manage add on's in the extensions tab i found one called DataMngr disable it or uninstall it and restart Firefox.

i hope this will work for you too

Revisiting this post 10/11/2011 i see that 'Zyxer' has a better answer find it in the bottom of the page

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i have this same problem.....but im unable to delete addon DataMngr. my firefox has been updated to 4, and i have some addons are failing now. any suggestions?

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thanx it working but when i am click on new tab it show a blank page

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You can set your home page manually by going to your address bar and going to:


It'll warn you to be careful. Go in anyway. Search for:


in the filter and double click keyword.url From here you can change your default engine to a multitude of sites. For google, enter:

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Tahnks Zyxer your answer is even better then mine, i modified my answer already.

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Thanks................ I was going to uninstall firefox but your idea worked for me


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I followed all the advice mentioned on all the topics relating to this issue and still had no luck. Every time I restarted firefox my settings had reverted back to what they were (not just the searchqu homepage but ALL my settings).

I was able to finally resolve the issue by deleting the directories "C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox" and "C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox".

But I think it may be important to do a check for malicious software first.

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Be sure to check installed programs for the Windows iLivid Toolbar. Uninstall it.

A from-scratch reinstallation of Firefox is highly recommended.

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I tried to uninstall it but PC Tools warns a program is trying to register into the startup and will run every time I reboot so I just say to Quarantine it and skip the uninstall. I got the searchqu off my homepage but it continues to open in my tabs. I did block it with PC Tools but the screen telling me it's block is getting old. I want to dump this!

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My way:

change home page and remove addons as already mentioned then go on control panel / find software from Bandoo site / unninstal them!

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I tried several of the suggestions to no avail. I was looking for 'Bandoo' - found it in Manage Add-ons section - it was already disabled and saw no way to delete it.

I went to Add-remove programs - did not see anything list for Bandoo or iLivid, or SearchIq Toolbar ('SearchIq' WAS listed under Firefox>View>Toolbars - but again no way to delete it.

Returning to add/Remove programs I DID find 'Windows search IQ' - which I removed.

Then returning to firefox > add-ons > manage add-ons I scrolled PAST the FIRST listing for Bandoo (which was already disabled and found a SECOND listing for Bandoo - which was still enabled - so I disabled that as well.

Hopefully I finished with these idiots >>(Bandoo Media)

PS - AFTER I took the steps above I Was able to follow the suggestion made above about going to 'about:config' via the browser window - clicking through the 'warning' - then finding 'Keyword.url > Right click > 'reset' > putting in and THIS time the change was successful. Hope this helps somebody!

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My name is John, and I'm a member of the Searchqu Support Team. I'm here to help :) @Funwriter , When you downloaded and installed a free application, Searchqu was offered to you by one of our partners that develop free PC applications. During the installation you accepted the homepage changes. There's no need to worry - this isn't a virus, nor malware!!! If you want to remove Searchqu from Firefox, please perform the following actions:

1. To manually change your homepage please look at the following link:

2. In order to change the engine with other search bar Please enter the following link,,

3. If you enter text into the Location bar that is not a valid Internet address (URL), Firefox will try to direct you to the location you intended. This article explains how use and customize this feature.

4. Close and open your Firefox browser and there you go, Searchqu will not appear on your browser any more…

We are to assist you.

the Searchqu Team.

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Previous poster is not correct. Tried all the remedies. blocks all attempts to reset home page.

Their explanation of how we acquired this pest is weak and probably outside good internet practice and maybe the law.

Be honest support team.

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Chosen Solution

@neagu, we understand that this is a specific case which requires couple more actions , we would suggest you to follow the instructions below : 1.go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > look for windows searchqu toolbar > Uninstall 2.reboot the browser. 3.the issue should be resolved now and you can change the homepage manually by using the following link:

please let us know if the issue persist so we can assist :)

the searchqu support team.

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Mine got highjacked when I downloaded a video player called iLivid In remove programs area, I had to look for iLivid toolbar to remove, not searchqu. then it all worked to remove the pest.

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Hi, @CJwright ,I just want to make sure , did the problem been resolved?

The Searchqu support team.

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Thanks for sharing it works keep it up.

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HERE'S THE ONLY SOLUTION THAT REALLY DOES WORK: This Malware hijacks the FFox search engine preference and every time you remove it, it automatically resets itself as your permanent preferred search engine. You can stop the cycle by going into Tools and Options and resetting your Home Page to something else like Google or Current Page if you have a different current page on your screen. the Malware then tries to reset itself again as your preferred search engine without your permission but FFox notifies you of the attempt by causing a pop-up warning in the lower right hand corner of the window. Quickly click on that pop-up before it recedes and click on the link that says "no" to deny the right of the Malware to claim to be your preferred search engine. Done.

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@silberto, We understand your concern about the Searchqu toolbar, however the Searchqu toolbar is by no means classified as malware. By a definition of “Wikipedia” –“Malware, short for malicious software, is software (or script or code) designed to *disrupt computer operation, *gather sensitive information, or gain unauthorized access to computer systems. It is a term used to describe any kind of software or code specifically designed to *exploit a computer, or the data it contains, *without consent”.

  • Searchqu DOES NOT disrupts computer operation, Searchqu gives you a simple and easy way to search and find popular website and services.
  • Searchqu DOES NOT gather any sensitive information about a user, the only thing Searchqu saves is aggregated data, which is not personal data, e.g. the number of visits to pages and number of clicks on different sections. It has physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect your personal information by secured networks.
  • Searchqu DOES NOT exploits a computer or the data it contains, Searchqu takes reasonable precautions to protect your personal information from misuse, loss and unauthorized access
  • Searchqu DOES NOT install into a users pc without the users full consent. Upon installation of our software, the user is promted as to whether or not they wish to run a Typical install, including Searchqu toolbar, or Custom install, giving the option to unselect the Searchqu toolbar add-on.

With that said, let us assure you that your software will run just fine without the Searchqu toolbar, and you may uninstall it at any time. If you need assistance to uninstall, please let us know, or visit our support site at for instructions.

We hope that this has been of help to you.

The Searchqu team support.

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