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plugin-container.exe : deleted it, how to re-download it

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plugin-container.exe : deleted it, how to re-download it

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== Today 6/22/2010

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Its running like shit right now. seriously get rid of this shit until you firefox developers actually test it out before releasing garbage

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Same problem as everyone else. Plugin-container is horrible.

I down graded to 3.6.3 and flash 9r. Disabled firefox updates.

Still slow but not the resource hog it was with Plugin-container.

I might check out opera while I'm waiting for firefox to fix the problem.

Note to Mozilla: please get rid of plugin-container.exe. Find another way.

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It uses half my memory when gaming. Sadly I am going to have to go back to IE. Wondered why my machine was lagging so badly for a couple of days and kept hoping it would resolve itself but I give up.

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Have nothing constructive to add, just need to vent... Byebye Firefox, I've had it!

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Very disappointed with the "plugin-container," so far. This was a good idea, but the end results are a disaster.

I haven't decided yet, but I either will go to an earlier version of Fx or checkout another browser. I don't really want to go to another browser, but if this is going to be an on going problem ... well.

I guess the other idea would be to set dom.ipcc.plugins ... (for flash) to false. Not sure if that is a favored long term solution.

Like the poster above this is more of a venting post. I doubt very much I'll switch browsers - that's just an idle threat. :)

Though, I seriously hope a problem is forthcoming as 3.6.6 didn't solve the problem for me.

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I now have the same very serious problems with "plugin container" (delayed, jerky responses etc.). One "solution" I'm experimenting with is to use "Process Explorer" (a free MS download utility). Within that utility RIGHT CLICK on "plugin-container.exe", then CLICK on "Suspend" from the Pop-up Menu. This procedure must be done every time that Mozilla is Restarted but will stay in effect as long as the browser is not shut down.

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The previous suggestion of SUSPENDING "plugin-container.exe" worked briefly but then hung Mozilla until it was RESUMEd by RIGHT CLICKing on "plugin-container.exe", then CLICKing on "Resume" from the Pop-up Menu.

I may try the "Kill Process" option from the same Pop-up Menu and will post my results on that. My concern right now is that this may totally disable FF until RESTARTED so I will wait until I'm ready for that.

I'd prefer that Mozilla create a real fix for this or revert to a prior version.

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Down grade to 3.5.5 and have no issues, I was thinking my system had a virus turns out to be and issues with Firefox

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I put the dom.ipc.plugins.timeoutSecs integer to 150 sec, and no crashes ocurred yet. I don't exactly know what the integer does. But if it works for you, it works

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Yet another process to take up my resources! Chrome is looking more and more attractive.

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Just a follow-up.

For those of you still complaining about plugin-container, THERE IS A WAY TO COMPLETELY DISABLE PLUGIN-CONTAINER that has been previously posted in this same thread if you folks would just read a little. I have tested it and IT DOES WORK!!!

The same solution has been posted in other threads in this forum re: plugin-container. Just make the changes, restart Firefox, and plugin-container will no longer start-up.

If you still have problems after making the changes, you will need to look elsewhere in your addons or on your system for whatever is causing your problems. By disabling plugin-container, you can prove to yourself whether or not it is causing your particular problems.

See how disable on page 2 of this exact same thread:

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Thanks - I might try disabling the container plug-in, but can't see the info on page two of this thread. Could you repost?

I've been using Chrome and checking back to this thread periodically, hoping the issues have been fixed. I'm not sure the issue is the container, just that FF 3.6.6 seem to run slowly and slow the rest of the PC down.

Prefer to run FF over other browsers when back to running fast.

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Any solutions yet ?

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ok that's it i will use opera from now and on....i'm not an expirement fof the foundation in order to make me use plugin_container.exe and other stupid plugins for collecting my internet habbits...

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I just updated to 3.6.7 and the same error occurs. FF stops responding - and have to shut it down in task manager running win 7, 64bit Does anyone have any sollution to it? Mozilla surely hasn't

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Firefox could once boast on being a lightweight browser compared to the grossly top-heavy IE. It pulled many users from IE for that one reason alone, folk were tired of buying bigger memory and faster chips only for Windoze to eat it all up on the next update.

I'm leaving FF for a while, maybe they'll get back to the original idea.

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" if you're watching a video or playing a game and it crashes because of a faulty Flash plugin, only the plugin will crash and it wouldn't take down all of Firefox. "...bullsh*t...everything crashes when the plug in container stops working. Firefox - you LIE!

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Hello everyone.

If you delete parts of Firefox, it's likely that Firefox will stop working. You will need to reinstall it (get it for free, as always, at

Also, if you're having a problem with a specific add-on (Flash, for example), you need to contact its author for support.

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