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Getting Firefox to work with both Sandboxie AND Webroot

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Saw a post stating that Firefox updated and now doesn't work with Sandboxie. I spent over a year learning how to update Firefox in order to use it within Sandboxie and with Webroot protection. I can now update Firefox within 5 minutes by following these steps. It is not really ready for publication but maybe it will help you. I copied this from Excel and it is more readable in Excel. Please forgive typos.

To copy from Excel, I had to make it a bulleted list. Each bullet point was another line in Excel.

  • After many tests here is the cleanest way found to update Firefox. Changing steps or the order may work only to fail later and sometimes leads to reinstalling and re-configuring Firefox. Suggested steps can probably be ignored but I think they are appropriate and help keep the system clean.
  • Note: I only run a single version of Firefox. When updating, no applications are running in a sandbox.
  • Clean Firefox Sandboxes
  • 1. Suggestion: "Terminate All Programs".
  • 2. Suggestion: Initially "Delete Contents" of all sandboxes and then the sandbox used during installation.
  • If Firefox does not open. This can occur during update, install or even days afterwards, check Webroot:
  • 1. Follow instructions in section "Clean Firefox Sandboxes"
  • 2. If Webroot is open close (not shut down) and reopen.
  • 3. Webroot > "View Status"
  • 4. Click "Settings" for "Identity Protection"
  • 5. Select tab "Application Protection"
  • 6. Ensure all "Firefox" applications "Allow" enabled.
  • Note: While I have had seven entries, once this process was learned there has never been more than one. My Wife's computer has had two. The most common second entry is the temporary Firefox update folder "...\updated\firefox.exe".
  • To remove "Firefox" entries, other than "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox", Perform the following for each entry and do so one-at-a-time.
  • FYI: "...\updated\firefox.exe" is created during download and deleted after Firefox has been restarted.
  • Warning: Even if an entry can be set to "Deny" and have Firefox executed. Leave it disabled, rather than deleting, until you have your settings, plugins, favorites, etc. documented and you have the time to reinstall. Very early in the learning process I had to reinstall. Since the bulk of these instructions were created I have never had to reinstall.
  • 1. Close Firefox
  • 2. In Webroot set the entry to "Deny".
  • 3. Open Firefox
  • 4. If Firefox fails to open set the entry back to "Allow", "Clean Firefox Sandboxes", and reopen Firefox.
  • 5. Any that can be set to "Deny" without causing Firefox an issue, *should* be deletable.
  • Before using Webroot set FF to "Check for updates but let you choose to install them". Avoid problems that require an uninstall of FF.
  • Close all Firefox windows
  • For the purist restart the computer before and after an application update or install
  • Suggestion: Perform the section above titled "Clean Firefox Sandboxes"
  • Shutdown Webroot
  • If updating (not installing)
  • Sandboxie: Disable Forced programs
  • Immediately start Firefox
  • Ignore Sandboxie and "Webroot Filtering Extension" messages
  • Click "More" (3 horizontal bars)
  • Select "Help"
  • Select "About Firefox"
  • Click "Update to <version number>
  • Click "Restart to Update Firefox"
  • If installing
  • Install (Do not configure Firefox until it is working with Webroot and Sandboxie both running; preferably after completing this process)
  • Ignore the "Webroot Filtering Extension" message!
  • Continue from Updating or Installing
  • Close Firefox
  • Sandboxie: Disable Forced programs
  • Immediately start Firefox
  • Do not close Firefox until instructed (After Webroot has been restarted). This eliminates a later step.
  • Ignore Sandboxie and "Webroot Filtering Extension" messages
  • If Firefox has an issue at this point it has nothing to do with Webroot or Sandboxie
  • Fix the issue and Restart at "Continue from Updating or Installing"
  • Suggestion: BEFORE restarting Webroot.
  • Cleanup Firefox as much as possible so it opens cleaner and faster in Sandboxie
  • PS. I do this every time Firefox is opened unsandboxed (e.g. when Bookmarks added or settings changed)
  • More > Settings > Privacy & Security (or enter address about:preferences#privacy)
  • Close tabs other than Settings. (There should only be one.)
  • In "Cookies and Site Data" click "Clear Data" (Leave everything checked) Click "Clear"
  • In "History" click " Clear History" > Select "Everything" and Leave everything checked > Click "OK"
  • Restart Webroot
  • Ensure all Firefox entries are "enabled" in "Identity Protection" settings. (There should only be one, but there have been more.)
  • Close Firefox
  • Close, not shutdown, Webroot
  • Perform this section until there are no more issues including the appearance of "Webroot Filtering Extension" (usually twice)
  • Open Firefox
  • If Firefox does not open perform the steps in "If Firefox does not open". Note, some Firefox processes do start but not all.

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more options

I didn't mean to post before previewing. However, the report seems to have been made more readable by turning it into a bulleted list.

Modified by ExpertN0vice


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