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Howto Stop smallizing URL letters automaticly

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Hello. In normal mode, when we enter WWW.URL.COM, Firefox replace it with For example, i want be able to enter WWW.YOUTUBE.COM instead of I diasbled auto suggestion of Awesome Bar and Search Engines via Firefox settings. But when i enter WWW.YOUTUBE.COM, firefox will chgange it to automaticly. I want to keeep WWW.YOUTUBE.COM What should i do?

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Hi Amir, I can't think of any built-in feature for this.

Is the goal to make the URL larger for ease of reading, or is there another reason you would like the URL to be in all caps?

There is a back door way to capitalize the entire address in the URL bar, but it wouldn't be limited to the site's host name, the entire URL would be capitalized:


(It's just for appearances; when you copy/paste the URL, it will still be in lower case.)

That would be using a custom style rule in a userChrome.css file:

#urlbar .urlbar-input.textbox-input {
  text-transform: uppercase !important;

I can give the full procedure if you want to try it, but this might not be the best or only change to make the URL bar more useful to you.

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Note that if you would use such code in userChrome.css to capitalize then you might get problems with websites that use folders and files in mixed upper/lower case mode and in such a case a file path in full uppercase might not work and you get a file not found error with no way to bypass.

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Hello Really, youtube, vimeo, facebook,... are blocked in our country by gov censorship system. But i understood if we enter URL of banned websites with capital letters, we can bypass censorship system. I entered tracert in windows command line, and it shows censorship system ip address. I entered tracert YOUTUBE.COM in windows command line, and it shows youtube ip address Logical result: When this technique works on tracert(tracroute), it should work on web browsers like Firefox too. Note: I tested tracert for othe blocked websites too. It worked for all of them. Note 2: As well as you said, i copied WWW.YOUTUBE.COM from notepad to Firefox adress bar and firefox did'nt make it small letters. But i couldn't see youtube web site. I think firefox making url letters small in background, however in addressbar didn't change it to small letters.

Modified by Amir Farsi

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That's interesting. I don't know of a way to make Firefox send upper case DNS queries.

Two thoughts:

(1) Can you save the IP addresses for the blocked sites in your Windows hosts file as a workaround?

(2) Can you bypass your regular DNS resolution using DNS-over-HTTPS?

To test that:

(A) In a new tab, type or paste about:config in the address bar and press Enter/Return. Click the button promising to be careful or accepting the risk.

(B) In the search box above the list, type or paste trr and pause while the list is filtered

(C) Double-click the network.trr.mode preference to display a dialog where you can enter the desired value from the following list, then click OK

  • 0 - local only, TRR off by default (current setting)
  • 1 - query TRR and local, use first available
  • 2 - query TRR first, fallback to local (most logical future setting)
  • 3 - query TRR only, do not use local (most private?)
  • 4 - use local but test TRR performance (temporary??)
  • 5 - local only, TRR off by user choice (won't be overridden??)

I suggest testing with 2 and seeing whether that works.

(From: )

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You would still get problems with links on web pages that would have to be converted to an uppercase TLD.

Did you try other DNS servers like Google?

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Hello. I use public DNS servers like from CloudFlare in most of cases. I tested tracert YOUTUBE.COM with both public dns servers like and and without pulic DNS severs and in both of them, result oif uppercase YOUTUBE.COM tracert is youtube ip address and is government censorship ip address.

I used your trr solution(I n Firefox 66 Nightly it's vaule is 2 by default). I couldn't see both YOUTUBE.COM and

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I tested localhost file solution too. It didn't work too.