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I downloaded internet explorer 9, and now i can't access firefox.

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I leave my computer on 24/7.

Everything was working fine until 4/15/11.

4/15/11 Downloaded "Acrobat update...."

               Downloaded "CA Internet Security Suite" Update

4/22/11 Next time on computer. I began having trouble with internet connection. Have to diagnose everytime, and do.... to correct problem.

5/1/11 Downloaded "adobe Reader Update." This changed my browser settings, . (had a kitty design)

5/1/11 to 5/5/11 Between these dates I was asked if I wanted Yahoo to be my home page. I said yes.

I also emptied "Ca internet Security Suite's 'CA Cache' " I thought this was "history, cookies"????

5/5/11 I had left my computer on and Mozilla was open and I closed one of my tabs (Honda Recalls).

A msg appeared "Mozilla not responding. Close Program?" I clicked yes, and then something about "crashed....create..... windows problem.....shut down improperly???.... Then the computer rebooted itself.

I upgraded to Windows Internet 9. I cannot access Firefox at all. When I click on the taskbar symbol or the shortcut icon or the program in the start menu, I see the hour glass for a few seconds, and then nothing happens.

Along with this recommended update (Windows Internet 9), were two others concerning "Nvidia..."

I did NOT download them.

In addition I get error msgs when I attempt to open existing programs or clicking on link in a web page to get further informationl/access.

error msgs:

.... has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close program and notify you if a solution is available.

Can't find and the name of the program or website and lists a web address.

Internet Explorer closed web page to help protect your computer. A malfunctioning or malicious add-on caused Internet Explorer to close web page.

Somehow I got to CA Internet Security Suite's home page. I went to "My Internet"---Configure---How to configure---Browser blocked---view solutions---

I have tried to backup my computer, before doing anything else to it--delete programs I downloaded above???? I don't know what will happen if I delete them.

The first time it looked like it was progressing, and I left it running and went to sleep. Hours later I checked and I had an error msg "Backup failed-aborted"????? I don't understand this.

And now I get the error msg about windows having to close....?

5/13/11 I went to facebook to read two amber alerts, and clicking on their information an internet explorer msg about pop-up's, and I clicked on "allow once." I moved around in the website, opened a tab to the home page, and another to another page in the website. Then I couldn't close them. I had to restart my computer.

I also clicked on "friends" and received the error msg "Internet Explorer shutting down."

My computer is running very slow. So slow I wonder if it is processing my request--to open a program etc.

I attempted to do a system restore point, however my computer was not automatically setting a system restore point for Drive (E:) I have set it to do automatically NOW.

Yahoo does NOT have my bookmarks, not one of the MANY I have (had :( on Firefox) I want Firefox back the way I had it, with my kitties design AND my bookmarks.

Can anyone HELP me?? Thank you ckitties