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Welcome to the Firefox Support Forums -- we're excited that you're interested in helping out other Firefox users here. It's really easy to get started! There are just a few things we'd like you to do when you post here:

  • Register as a contributor: Registering and posting as a contributor marks your posts in ~~#008000:bold green font~~ and they stand out for users. It also lets you post in the Contributors forum where you can discuss common issues with other contributors. If you're already registered but not as a contributor, you can change that on the My Account page.
  • Be polite and avoid jargon: It's understandable that some users will be upset, angry or even abusive. However, you should always remain calm and avoid being defensive in your replies. It keeps the forums a friendly and welcoming place. The same applies with use of technical jargon -- it can be frustrating for users so it's best avoided.
  • Label your posts with the correct purpose: When you post in the forums, there's a dropdown to select the purpose of your post. If your post addresses the user's question and provides steps that may help, use "Proposed solution to problem". Use "requesting more information" when the original post simply doesn't have enough details even begin troubleshooting. These statuses are important because we are rolling out features that allow users to search threads where there are proposed solutions so they can try to help themselves as well as tracking how we as a support community are doing in answering support requests.
  • Use our resources: A lot of care has been put into making the knowledge base simple and easy to use so one of the fastest ways to help someone is just to link to the appropriate article or article section and a quick sentence explaining why those steps are a good place to start. Reading other forum threads is also a good way to learn Firefox tips and tricks that you can use to help other users.
  • Most importantly: Have fun! We're a casual and global community so take the time to meet the other contributors, read our blog, follow our Twitter feed and enjoy your stay!

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Great post Topal!

I'm glad I found the Firefox forum ;)

more options Blast from the past. This is when Tiki Wiki was alive.

Kitsune > Tiki Wiki