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how do I restore my firefox bookmarks from my firefox account?

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I use Firefox on my work MacBook and created a Firefox account to have a backup for my bookmarks. Something happened on my MacBook and they had to wipe Catalina and reinstall Mojave. I want to log into my FF account and restore my bookmarks. How do I do that?


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Once you log in to your Firefox Account through the Firefox Sync settings page in Firefox, it should sync any data that's on your account. See How do I set up Sync on my computer?

However, Firefox Sync is NOT A DATA BACKUP SERVICE. It's designed to synchronize your bookmarks and other browsing data between different devices. Since it wasn't designed to be a backup service, it doesn't always work well when used as one because it doesn't always keep a complete copy of your data on the Firefox Sync servers.

It's not uncommon for people who have used Firefox Sync as their only backup method to have issues when attempting to recover their information through Firefox Sync.

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Thank you Wesley, I appreciate the detailed explanation. I didn't realize this and now that they had to wipe my macbook I'm sadly having to start from scratch.

I have an additional question, now that I don't find any bookmarks after logging in. I'll ask it and if I need to start a new post I will, just let me know if that is the best step.

I have a firefox account for my work email address and one for my personal account. Can I log into each account on one computer? If not, does that mean we can only have one firefox account?

Thank you again for your time and help, Michelle

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You can have as many Firefox Accounts as you want. For example, I have a Firefox Account for my personal browsing and one they I use for my involvement with Mozilla. However, you can't log into two different Firefox Accounts at the same time the same profile in Firefox.

Firefox creates something called your profile folder on your computer. This is where your settings, bookmarks, passwords and other browsing data is saved to on your computer. You will always have a profile folder, even if you don't have Firefox Sync or a Firefox Account, since it's required in order for Firefox to work.

What you can do, is you can create an additional profile folder. So you will have one profile folder for your personal and another for work. Your settings, bookmarks and other browsing data will be kept entirely separate between the two profile folders.

Each profile folder is essentially treated like a new computer. So you can log into your personal Firefox Account in your personal profile it will only sync your bookmarks and stuff from that profile, not your work stuff.

You can create and remove profiles using Firefox's Profile Manager utility. See Profile Manager - Create, remove or switch Firefox profiles.

It sounds like that's the functionality that you might be looking for.