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Flash player full screen closes when screen is being unfocused

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I am using 2 monitors. When i open a stream on my first monitor and fullscreen it and do nothing else, it works. But the moment i click anywhere on my second monitor, the flash full screen closes down and basically showing me the original size within the webpage. Only Firefox has this problem. No other browser has this.

How can i fix this issue?

Additional info: - Windows 10 Home 1607 - Firefox 59.0.2 - (P)NPAPI Plugin version

Additional question: If this issue can be resolved, is there a way to keep flash player on my computer but basically force website to use HTML5 player and stop making them say things like "Flash player required" or "Please activate Flash player"?

Thanks in advance

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First, are you sure this is flash we are talking about? Many websites now use the HTML5 player. And there are others as well.

Right-click on the player. Does it identify itself?

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Yes im sure its flash. I even get the message if i want to allow/run flash. When right clicking the screen i get to see flash options. Looking at the fullscreen icon in my taskbar it dhows the flash logo.

I initially had contact with flash on their forums and they say they get reports of only firefox doing this.

So i tested it with multiple browsers and indeed they all work except FF.

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Well i have tried removing and installing flash multiple times again. Did not solve it. Disabling and enabling the plugin didnt solve anything either.

The windows media feature pack would be weird because every other browser works just fine. Only Firefox is being annoying with it.

Other links are about HTML5. I'm fine with using HTML5 for some websites but some still only use flash.

Besides that the websites that use both HTML5 and Flash still try to push flash over HTML5

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I called again.

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You can try to disable hardware acceleration in Firefox.

Close and restart Firefox after modifying the setting to make the change effective.

You can check if there is an update for your graphics display driver and check for hardware acceleration related issues.

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I already tried the hardware acceleration thing but did not work either.

And i always keep all my graphic drivers up-to-date. Besides that, shouldn't other browsers have the same issues if this was the problem?? Which is not the case, ONLY firefox closes the full screen. All other browsers don't.

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So nothing to solve it yet?

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Contacted Adobe again. They say they receive a lot of questions about this exact issue and all pointing towards Firefox. Not to any settings, updates, from flash itself or windows. This is proven because all other browsers work normally Without any settings updates or anything.

They also said they requested an answer to firefox why this is.

I guess if Firefox is not coming with any solution to this problem, i need to find a new browser to start using. I know Flash is dying out and a lot of sites are using HTML5 player. But HTML5 player is also a lot of times still buggy and takes up a lot more resources. Next to that, there are still sites that have not implemented HTML5 (yet), so its only normal any browser should still be able to play nice with flash and Firefox is the only one that isnt doing that