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Why am I being asked to sign in again, once I'm signed in?

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Why after being signed in, am I asked to sign in, and then told I'm using an incorrect password, when I just used it to sign in the first time??? I'm just trying to respond to, or ask a question in the forum, and now I can't sign in .... again. What's up with that?

I see on the Add-ons Manager page, this:

"Add-ons is switching to Firefox Accounts for login. Sign in now to transfer your account."

Yet when I go to sign in (again), I'm told it's incorrect. Then if I'm about to hit the "reset my password" button, it warns me that: "When you reset your password, you will lose any Sync data that is not on one of your devices. Learn how Sync works."

Why is this such a confusing mess? Why must I sign in, when I'm already signed in, etc.???

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So you are signed into a Firefox Account and your question is about signing in on this forum? Unless something has changed, your support forum login is different than your Firefox Account login (or your Add-ons site login).

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The Login on the Add-ons website is different than the Firefox account that is used to connect to Sync. There is normally no need to sign in to the Add-ons website unless you want to leave a comment. If you want to leave a comment there then you need to create a separate account on the Add-ons website.

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So, there's a separate "add-ons website"? According to what it says, "Add-ons is switching to Firefox Accounts for login.", thus it's quite confusing. If it's switching to FF accounts, and I already have a FF account, then why do I need to do anything else? Especially when it says, "When you reset your password, you will lose any Sync data that is not on one of your devices. Learn how Sync works."

Which only adds to the confusion, because then I'm supposed to, at that moment, "learn how sync works", all to leave a comment on a site that is supposedly going to be under the same account that I already have??? This is nuts...

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StevenCee is absolutely right. Mozilla'a alleged "support" is hopelessly confusing. Each time I try to sign in I am told my password is wrong. I change it and the next time I am told it is wrong. Again and again and again. I managed to get in once (I don't know how) and asked a question to which I received a snarky reply -- uninformative -- from a :"moderator." My followup questions have been ignored. Then I received an email that another user had an answer. The link led to a demand to sign in -- and of course the password was again rejected. I reset it for the umpteenth time and that lead me to a page titled Accounts on which I can change my name, password, etc but from which there is no way to exit and get to any other Firefox page or forum. It is a dead end, and when I follow the link to the supposed answer to my issue, all I get is this dead-end page. Nuts is an understatement, At this point I am seriously feeling forced to dump Firefox even though I don't care much for any other browser. Why the Mozilla people want to make it impossible to use their sites is beyond me. R.

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Hi Rokahaszn, I don't understand why you are running into this problem logging in. Maybe a problem with cookies???

I posted a reply in your other thread here:

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Jscher2000: Thanks, I have already read and replied to you main post. I have absolutely no idea what this sign-in kerfuffle is about, especially since the computer on which it is happening is a brand new high-end custom built gaming system with not a lot of programs or rubbish on it. The fact remains that each and every time I try signing in tro Mozilla, my password is declared invalid. And when I sign in after changing it again, I am taken to a page called "Firefox Accounts" which offers choices such as change you name, your password, your communication method etc, but from which page there is no exit, and all I can do is to sign out. Some emailed hyperlinks to alleged answered questions also lead to this dead end page. I have no idea what this is supposed to do, and cannot go anywhere other than to sign out. Thanks, R.

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Too many threads discussing this issue and since this thread had the original posting edited today, a whole month after this thread was created, I am closing this thread.

Please see this posting about Firefox Accounts and logins for the varoius Mozilla sub-domains.