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Forget about this site doesn't work as described in Mozilla Help.

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Yesterday first time tried to use 'forget about this site' and it seems doesn't work as intended and described in Mozilla Help.

Going to History->Show All History searched for '' in order to clear all my data, but only for Facebook. Right click and then 'Forget About This Site'. This erased all my data stored to my PC. Not only '', but everything for every web site. In Options->Advanced-Network says 55kb stored data, after this action. Previously it was around 200mb stored data. I thought it's supposed to delete all data for a single site, but this deleted everything. I repeated again and again this procedure and the result was same, everything is deleted leaving me each time with 55kb stored data.

Is this how is intended to work, or I'm doing it wrong?

I reffer to this help page: Section: How do I remove a single website from my history?

Thanks in advance.

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Any advice or reason why it clear all my data?

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Using "forget" should only remove data for the site selected. Are you sure you choose properly?

Look on your desktop. Do you see a folder called; Old Firefox?

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Thanks for the assist,

The problem still persist. Everything looks fine. I have no problem with bookmarks, neither with the saved history. The problem is whenever I'm going to History/Show All History, search for specific web site, right click and then "Forget About This Site", It erases all my data, completely all. I found the places.sqlite file, but I have no idea how to access this file or what to do. Please help.

I should mention that always when I install Mozilla for first time, I usually use 'sync now' option to get back my bookmarks, plugins etc.. I don't know if this causes the problem, I haven't tried without syncing.

I know what I'm doing. It's supposed to delete data only for the site I right click on and and choose "Forget About This Site", right? But whenever I do this, my all data is deleted.

I use Windows 7 x64, Mozilla 41.0.2

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