About Firefox Pioneer

Firefox Pioneer is a feature of Shield that allows you to opt in to contribute sensitive data that helps us understand the Web, how people interact with it, and how people use their browsers. Participation in Firefox Pioneer is strictly voluntary. Once you’ve opted in, you may be enrolled in additional studies without potentially annoying prompts. These studies will collect varying information about your browsing behavior, possibly including what web pages you visit and how you interact with them. You may also be asked brief survey questions about what you’re doing with the browser. As with all of Firefox Pioneer, choosing to answer these questions is entirely optional.

We protect your privacy by ensuring the following:

  • Your individual data will not be shared to the public or sold. Only a small number of researchers will have access to raw data, and that data can only be accessed if it’s relevant to their particular study.
  • A panel of privacy, security, and research experts will review proposed studies to make sure that your privacy is protected and only necessary and appropriate data is collected. Studies not approved will not be shipped.
  • You will be given a random ID that we only use for Firefox Pioneer.
  • Pioneer will not be active in Private Browsing, nor will it collect any cookies, login information, email addresses or form information.
  • The data you submit is encrypted in Firefox and not decrypted until it is on a server that is not connected to the wider internet.

By participating in this group, you will help us to make better decisions on your behalf and shape the future of Firefox!

How do I participate?

Visit the Firefox Pioneer page to install the study and start participating.

Once you have installed it, Pioneer will deliver specially marked Shield studies automatically, as they become available, if you meet the criteria. When the study ends, it will be disabled but you will be able to see it so you have a record of what studies you’ve participated in.

How do I opt out?

To withdraw from a specific study

  1. Type about:studies into your address bar to see a list of your studies. Like all Shield studies, you may click the Remove button next to the study you want to opt out of.

To withdraw from Pioneer

  1. Type about:addons in your address bar.
  2. Click the Remove button next to Firefox Pioneer.

To learn more about studies in Firefox, see About Studies.

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